10 Termite Facts You Probably Didn’t Know!

Posted on: June 1, 2019 by in Pest Elimination
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How well do you really know termites? You probably know that they’re pretty gross little creatures that, if given half a chance, will devastate your home by eating any and all wood they can find. You know what they say: better the devil you know, so here are ten facts about termites to help you better know your enemy.

  1. Termites Literally Never Sleep

You’re lying in bed at night and… what’s that? Is that the sound of chewing? Termites never sleep so that they can eat your house 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  1. Termites and Ants Don’t Get Along

While ants are just as much of a pest as termites if they get inside your home, if they stay out in the yard in a manageable quantity, they are likely helping keep your termite population at bay.


  1. 1 Human = 1000lbs of Termites

You read that right – for every human on the planet, there are 1000lbs of termites. If that isn’t horrific enough to imagine, multiply the number of humans in the world (7.7 billion as of 2019) by 1000, and you have the approximate number of termites on Earth. It’s enough to make you want to go to Mars.


  1. Termites are Expensive

Not to buy, but in the amount of damage, they do. Termites cause up to 5 billion dollars in damage to American homes each year.


  1. Alaska is (Almost) Termite-Free

Here in Nevada, where it’s warm year-round, termites are plentiful, but they don’t like (and often can’t survive) cold and freezing climates – at least not the type of termites that will literally eat you out of house and home.


  1. Termites are Edible

They’re not appetizing (at least to us Westerners), but termites are edible. Singaporeans eat termite queens live, dipped in alcohol, or soaked in rice wine. Other cultures also eat termites when there’s not enough food due to draught.


  1. New Kings and Queens Can Fly

Yes, like ants, some termites can fly. These young royals leave their home colony and fly away to find a mate. When they find somewhere to raise a colony of their own their wings detach.


  1. Termites Eat A Lot

A single colony of termites can eat 1000lbs of wood in just one year – that’s 650 baseball bats!


  1. Termites are Good for the Planet

Though termites are never good for our homes, they are good for the planet. They help dispose of decaying plant matter and provide a great food source for other insects, birds, lizards, anteaters and anything else that fancies a snack.


  1. Termites are a Bad Omen

In some African cultures getting termites in your home is considered a bad omen, foretelling the death of someone in the household. They believe the only way to change the outcome is to destroy the termites or abandon the home.


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