5 Tips for an Insect-Free Backyard

Posted on: July 1, 2019 by in Pest Elimination
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The warm summer months are great for opening up those backdoors and spending some time outside in the backyard, and if you’re as lucky as us here in Las Vegas, you get to enjoy your backyard almost year-round. Whether you love to garden, lie in the grass sunbathing, or eat out on the patio or deck, there’s little better than spending some time outside.

At least until you start seeing bugs everywhere. Worse still, if one manages to crawl up your leg or onto your arm, you won’t be able to stop your mind imagining the tickle of little legs all over your skin. There’s nothing that will send you inside faster than the pitter patter of tiny legs on your skin. So what can you do?

To help you enjoy your backyard this year, here are five tips to keep the backyard bugs to a minimum:

  1. Don’t Leave Out Old Food – If you love having friends over for an evening BBQ and a beer on your deck, it can be tempting to leave out the dirty plates, beer bottles and chicken bones for you to clear up in the morning. Thing is, insects have tiny mouths, and they can feast on even a tiny spot of leftover BBQ sauce, and many of them have a way of letting their friends know where the food is, so if you leave anything out they’ll be back, and in greater numbers.
  2. Plant Herbs – Fresh herbs are great to use in your kitchen, look pretty, and many of them can repel pest insects. Garlic and rosemary will repel mosquitos, while chive and lemongrass can help repel other insects.
  3. Burn Citronella Candles – Candles are a great way to light an outside space at night, but if you choose candles with certain fragrances, they can also help repel unwanted insects. Citronella candles are specifically designed to repel mosquitos, and lavender and eucalyptus can also help deter ants and other insects.
  4. Throw Away Garden Debris – Whether you like gardening or not, everyone has to do some yard maintenance. When you’re done, make a pile in a hidden section of your yard or take it to the dump, or wherever your area requires you to dispose of garden waste. If you leave it around, or near the house, you are that much more likely to come across snakes, scorpions, ants and other things that like to call these piles home.

  5. Don’t Leave Standing Water – If you have garden pots or outside water dishes, make sure you don’t let the water stand for too long. Standing water is where mosquitos breed, so if you want to provide water for animals, make sure you change it regularly.


These tips will all help you enjoy your backyard, but if you find the insects are taking over, you may need professional assistance. If you’re struggling to win the war in your Nevada or Arizona backyard, contact us today. [link: www.prochemproactive.com/contact/]