Bed Bug Incidents Rise 44%

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Over the last several years insurance companies and pest professionals have seen a rise in bed bug infestations and liability claims around the world.  So next time you hear “don’t let the bed bugs bite”, take it seriously!

According to a liabilities report completed by a Germany based insurance company, bed bug bites and infestations were the second highest animal-related cause for liability loss, totaling 22% of cases.  Bed Bugs closely followed deer incidents (such as vehicle collisions) which came in at 58% of claims.  In the United States, New York, which is one of the “buggiest” cities in the US showed a 44% rise in bed bug incidents from 2014-2015 alone.

As of a 2016 study, the top cities suffering for the worst bed bug problems are listed. Thanks to the efforts of professional bed bug elimination experts, Las Vegas has moved down on the “top infested cities” list to number 49 of 50 cities.

Here are the top 10 cities with the WORST bed bug problem in the country!

  1. Baltimore
    2. Washington, D.C.
    3. Chicago
    4. New York
    5. Columbus, Ohio
    6. Los Angeles
    7. Detroit
    8. Cincinnati
    9. Philadelphia
    10. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose

While Las Vegas may be controlling the bed bug problem more effectively in recent years, there is still a HUGE bed bug concern around the country.  There are a number of reasons why this rise in bed bug activity is happening, including increased travel, which allows bed bugs to move along with passengers as tiny hitch hikers, as well as the bed bugs ability to evolve resistances to commonly used pesticides.

While we can’t avoid these risks completely, there are proactive pest professional out there at the forefront of new technology that is proving itself to be extremely effective at killing these unwanted pests.  Heat treatment technology and K-9 detection are two ways that ProChem ProActive has risen its game against bed bugs in the past 10 years.  Heat treatments work by killing bed bugs due to high air temperatures that is directed into a room using specially designed heaters.  K-9 Detection dogs are then used to ensure that all bed bugs have perished and that the treatment was successful.  The K-9 unit can also be used pre-heat to find where bed bugs are hiding and ensure that the technicians are treating the entire problem.

To find out more about bed bug heat treatments and how ProChem ProActive is keeping Las Vegas “bed bug free” give us a call at 866-674-7779 or visit our website at

Bed Bug Settlements Can Be Costly For Businesses

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Imagine waking up to your child screaming and crying that there are bugs crawling on and biting him.  This nightmare has happened to countless families in their homes, or at hotels and motels.  Large bed bug settlements are being awarded to families around the country because of negligent business owners who fail to properly treat or document treatments of bed bug problems.  While we see this most commonly with hotels/motels there have been countless cases against furniture companies, moving companies and public transportation companies as well.

 How To Avoid A Claim Against Your Business

In the story mentioned above, the family of the young child was awarded $225,000 in their case against the furniture company that sold them bed bug infested bed frames.  The child was taken to the pediatrician and was prescribed a few allergy medications due to the mild allergic reaction that resulted from multiple bed bug bites.  The furniture company was found guilty of negligence for not properly treating the bed bug problem.  Often, without proper documentation of regular inspections and treatments, a business can be found guilty of negligence because of lack of evidence that the problem was being treated properly.

To avoid a lawsuit like this happening at your business make sure that you follow the tips below.

  • Always perform regular inspections of your business. This is especially important for high traffic areas and hotels/motels.  Treatment and inspection schedules are available from professional bed bug elimination professionals, such as ProChem ProActive.
  • Always document any bed bug sightings, inspections, and treatments. ProChem ProActive can show you how to properly log all interactions.  In most cases, if the court can prove that you knew about a bed bug issue but didn’t react properly then you will be liable for all damages.
  • If any customers report bites or sightings – TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY! People rarely complain about bugs when there isn’t an issue.  Every sighting should be thoroughly investigated.  Long term exposure to bed bugs can cause psychological damages to the victims.  While this is devastating to the victim, it is also very damaging in any lawsuit against a business or property management company.  This is most important for apartment management companies and locations with long-term residents.

How ProChem ProActive can help:

ProChem ProActive is experienced in keeping businesses bed bug free and treating any potential problems extremely quickly.  The goal is to find any bed bug issues while they are small and BEFORE your customers notice.  Bed bugs can invade ANY business, and if they are eradicated quickly the problem can go un-noticed.  ProChem ProActive offers routine inspections and treatment schedules to fit any business.  The ProActive program also offers facilities the ability to certify the property Bed Bug Free. For more information on ProChem ProActive and/or the certification process, please contact or call 866-674-7779.



Technician Spotlight -May

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ProChem ProActives K-9 team provides some of the most accurate bed bug detection services available in the Las Vegas area.  Without our team of specially trained K-9’s and their trainers these revolutionary inspections wouldn’t be possible.  Diego Rodriguez is one of the handlers that trains and conducts inspections with our K-9 unit.  All the K-9 team handers work hard everyday to make sure the dogs are at the top of their game and ready to be called to the field at any time.  This month we catch up with Diego to learn a bit more about him and his job at ProChem ProActive.

Name: Diego Rodriguez

Title: K9 Team Manager

Office Location: Vegas, Baby!

Years At ProChem ProActive?: Seven years

Favorite part of the job: 4 legged, furry, co-workers. Sorry, 2 legged co-workers.

Most challenging part of the job: Often having to be the last one to arrive to a situation and be the last resort to resolve an issue that is difficult.

 What 3 words describe ProChem ProActive: Unconventional, unique & innovative

 Professional advice for future customers: ProChem wants to educate people as well as exterminate bugs.

 Your Proudest Moment At ProChem ProActive: Becoming nationally certified as K9 Teams.

More About Diego:

Favorite movie line: The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem. – Captain Jack Sparrow

Best vacation: Every year Lake Powell in Arizona

Favorite time off activates: Schutzhund, A German Dog Protection, Tracking and Obedience Sport

Favorite food: $2 Steak

Favorite sport: Football

Tell us something about you or your family that would surprise us: My family has 9 people in it

Hidden talents: I can fall asleep within seconds when I choose to.

ProChem ProActive is proud to offer the highest quality pest elimination treatments available!  With the help of excellent team members like Diego, we strive for a bug free Las Vegas!  If you have a bed bug problem you might just get to meet Diego and see him and his K-9 pals in action.  If you would like a free bed bug inspection and quote please call ProChem ProActive at 1 (866) 674-7779.  We currently service the entire state of Nevada, parts of Arizona and Oklahoma!

10 Ways To Keep The Bed Bugs Away

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Bed bugs can be a costly and embarrassing problem for any family.  While there are fast and effective ways to eliminate a bed bugs problem (just ask one of our technicians at ProChem ProActive), the best way to keep your house bed bug free is to never let them move-in in the first place!  Here are 10 ways you can avoid bed bugs this year!

  1. Learn About Bed Bugs – Understanding bed bugs, their habits, and ways to detect their presence is the first step in preventing them from invading your home.  You can start your research on our blog at
  2. Do Some Spring Cleaning – A cluttered house gives bed bugs plenty of places to hide and makes treating the area must harder. Just make sure you do this cleaning BEFORE you notice that bed bugs are living in your home…otherwise you could spread the infestation to others while disposing of your items.  Always inspect any items you plan to donate to avoid spreading any potential problems to others.
  3. Inspect Your Home Regularly – Check for signs of bed bugs in common areas around your home – Beds, chairs, couches, drapes, carpeting…ect. Don’t just limit this search to your bedroom – remember that bed bugs can live in any room of your home.
  4. Change your Bedding Regularly – Change your sheets no less than every 2 weeks. Always use hot water and hot dryer settings for your sheets.  This is also a great time to inspect the mattress and box springs for signs of bed bugs.
  5. Vacuum Often – Keep your furniture and floors clean. Don’t forget to vacuum cracks in wooden floors, baseboards, door and window frames and under the bed.
  6. Get Talking! – There is no shame in bed bugs…anyone can get them…anyone can share them. By talking about bed bug information, you can help others be more aware of the risks and reduce the likelihood to picking up bugs from any of your friends.
  7. Inspect Children’s Backpacks – Bed bugs can be picked up almost anywhere. Schools, buses, day care facilities, movie theaters, and libraries are common places to find bed bugs.  Always inspect articles of clothing and bags when returning home.
  8. Avoid Thrift Store Furniture – Be very careful when selecting furniture from second hand or thrift stores. Have all furniture inspected thoroughly and cleaned carefully BEFORE bringing it into your home.  This also includes rental furniture!
  9. Leave Your Luggage Outside – When returning home from a trip take extra precautions when bringing your things back inside. Bed bugs can easily hide on the outside of your luggage, as well as in your clothes and other belongings.  Leave the suitcases outside or in the garage and always wash all items inside on warm settings before placing them back in your drawers.
  10. Call In The Professionals – If you do end up with a bed bugs problem don’t hesitate to call in the professionals. At ProChem ProActive we deal with bed bugs everyday and have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to END your bed bug nightmare before it becomes a health risk to your family.  Many DIY methods are simply not effective against bed bugs, AND/OR come with some serious health risks. Don’t waste your time or money…Get the professionals to do it right the FIRST TIME!

By following these 10 easy steps you can greatly reduce the likelihood of a bed bug infestation or catch any potential problem early, making extermination much easier and quicker.  For more information about the ProChem ProActive bed bug treatments please give us a call at (866) 674-7779.

Technician Spotlight – April

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In order to provide the extraordinary service at ProChem ProActive we rely on our specially trained technicians to perform accurate and effective inspections and treatments.  This month for our Technician Spotlight we would like to feature Shane B. Kincaid.  Shane works hard everyday to provide the best quality pest elimination treatments available!

Name: Shane B. Kincaid

Title: Service professional

Favorite part of the job: Interacting and assisting my community by bettering their daily lives with the eradication of unwanted and potentially hazardous pest situations. The interaction and appreciation I receive once their pest problem is solved is what makes every day in this profession a rewarding one.

Most challenging part of the job: Continually trying to find new ways to improve the service we provide our customers when already providing a service that second to none.

 What 3 words describe ProChem ProActive: Knowledge, experience, success

Professional advice for future customers: Don’t settle for just Pest Control when you can rest assured with guaranteed pest elimination.

 Your proudest moment at ProChem ProActive: Making my first sale.

More About Shane:

Favorite movie line: I’ll be your Huckleberry.

Best vacation: A cruise to the Caribbean.

Favorite time off activates: Hiking, fishing, shooting, take our company dog for long walks and throw the ball with him, go to my cabin.

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite sport: Football

Tell us something about you or your family that would surprise us: I was 5’10” when I was 10 years old

Hidden talents: I do but I can’t share them and still have them remain hidden. 😉


ProChem ProActive is proud to offer the highest quality pest elimination treatments available!  If you would like a free bed bug inspection and quote please call ProChem ProActive at (866) 674-7779.  We currently service the entire state of Nevada, and parts of Arizona and Oklahoma!

Termites – The Silent Destroyers

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The termite’s ability to chew through wood, flooring and walls undetected gave them the name “silent destroyers”.  There are approximately 2,000 known species of termite in the world and each year they cause over 5 billion dollars in property damage for home and business owners around the world.  By familiarizing yourself with the signs of an infestation and knowing a few key tips to identify a termite issue you can prevent costly repairs.

Detection Tips:

Termite workers and younger termites are often light brown or whitish in color and do most of the “work” for the colony.  Because of their delicate soft body they can dry out easily if exposed to air and sun light.  These termites tend to stay in the nest or underground.  If they venture where you can easily spot them out you can bet there is a nest near by.




Another termite that you might see is a “swarmer”.  These termites are often miss-identified as a winged carpenter ant.  The easiest way to tell the ant and the termite apart is by looking at their body and wing shape.  A flying ant will have 3 sections to it’s body, while the termite will be more uniform in width.  You can also see a difference between the shape of their wings and antennae.  The ant has a bent antennae and two wings on each side.  The termite sports straight antennae and long straight wings as well.

Termites thrive in moist, humid, warm spaces and often construct mud tubes from the ground to their nest.  If the nest is in your home or business this can cause mold problems due to the extra humidity that these tubes allow into the wood.  Some termites even encourage mold to grow because it makes the wood softer and easier to chew.  If you spot any mud tubes or mold you should closely search the area for termite activity.

Treatment Options:

The most effective way to get rid of termites is to schedule a professional treatment.  ProChem ProActive offers a range of treatment options depending on the type of termites you have and the severity of the damage.  After a detailed inspection, the ProChem ProActive technician will offer a treatment plan and schedule the application as soon as possible.  In some cases heat treatments are an option to dry and heat the area to kill the insects without the use of chemical pesticides.  This treatment is most effective against dry wood termites and problems inside the home.

If you suspect that you have a termite problem call ProChem ProActive immediately!

Bed Bug Awareness Week – Rising Bed Bug Risk

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With Bed Bug Awareness starting March 20th, 2017, the pest control industry is taking time to remind and educate the public about the basics of bed bugs and how to avoid bringing these pests home.

Over the last decade bed bugs have become a growing concern as their population rise.  A recent survey, conducted by the NPMA and the University of Kentucky found that 99.6 % of extermination companies were asked to treat bed bug infestations in 2015.  Understandably this rise in bed bug activity has many people concerned and even paranoid, especially with traveling and hotel/motel stays.

Bed bugs can live in many different environments and are often found in five star hotels, summer camps, dorm rooms, senior car facilities, and homes around the U.S – anywhere there is a source for regular blood meals is an idea living space for bed bugs.  Many people unknowingly transport bed bugs every year, bringing them home to their families and infecting friends and their workplace.  This risk grows during the summer months where vacation travel is at it’s peak.


The professionals at ProChem ProActive recommends the following tips to help avoid bringing bed bugs home this summer:

  • Thoroughly vacuum the inside and outside of suitcases after returning home from vacation. Hard shell luggage is the most secure against bed bugs because it gives the bugs less area to hide.  All luggage should be cleaned and inspected upon returning from a trip.
  • Check your sheets for blood spots when entering a hotel/motel room. These spots can be rusty colored or dark brown and sometimes confused for ink spots.
  • Bring a large plastic trash bag to keep your luggage in before placing it into your vehicle. This bag can be used throughout the trip to discourage bugs from hitching a ride.
  • Never place you luggage on the bed or furniture in a hotel/motel room. Always use the luggage rack or the hard tile floor to place your suitcase, purse, clothes, backpack and other belongings.
  • Bring a small flashlight to assist with a visual inspection of your room or luggage during a trip.
  • Never bring second-hand furniture into your home without a careful examination. This especially includes mattresses and box springs.
  • Don’t forget about the pets – regularly inspect your pets bedding for signs of bed bugs.
  • Hire a professional bed bug profession, like ProChem ProActive, to solve any bed bug infestation with HEAT. ProChem ProActive has over 15 years of experience killing bed bugs.  We provide a 100% Guaranteed Pest Elimination service and we promise that the job will be done right!

If you or someone you know has been battling bed bugs please give ProChem ProActive a call right away!  We have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to solve any bed bugs problem.  We can be reached at 866-674-7779 or email us at  We proudly service the entire state of Nevada, Arizona, and Oklahoma!

Technician Spotlight – Alex Dubrovin

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At ProChem ProActive we have an incredible team of professional pest elimination technicians.  Without our amazing team we couldn’t provide the exceptional service and treatments to our clients.

As part of our new “spotlight” program we will be featuring one of our technicians each month.  This month we caught up with Alex Dubrovin, one of our highly trained heat treatment technicians for a few questions.

Name: Alexander Paul Dubrovin

Title: Heat Treatment Technician

Years at ProChem Proactive: 3 years

Favorite part of the job: I help people on a daily basis

Most challenging part of the job: Figuring out how to best set up heat treatments in units, each individual property requires a different approach, there is no golden standard.

 What 3 words describe ProChem ProActive: Quality, Warranty & Success

Professional advice for future customers: Cooperation is key to success!

 Your Proudest Moment At ProChem ProActive: Treating a 2 story 2500 sq. ft. home with no callback and a very satisfied customer


More About Alex:

Favorite movie line: Do or do not, there is no try.

Best vacation: Honeymoon cruise to Mexico

Favorite time off activates: Ha… get ready…. work out, play video games, read, watch movies with my wife, play board games, throw axes at a range, participate in light armor combat with blunted sabers, participate in full contact heavy combat, prepare throughout the year for the Las Vegas renaissance fair, belly dance for a performance at the renaissance fair.

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite sport: Fencing

Tell us something about you or your family that would surprise us: Immigrated to the USA from Belarus.

Hidden talents: I know how to use a sewing machine and can make an entire outfit, have done that plenty of times in preparation for the fair.


ProChem ProActive is proud to offer the highest quality pest elimination treatments available!  With the help of excellent technicians like Alex, we strive for a bug free Las Vegas!  If you have a bed bug problem you might just get to meet Alex and see him and our revolutionary heat treatments in action.  If you would like a free bed bug inspection and quote please call ProChem ProActive at 1 (866) 674-7779.  We currently service the entire state of Nevada, and parts of Arizona and Oklahoma.  Contact us today!

Preparing for your ProChem ProActive Bed Bug Treatment

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Bed Bugs in the U.S are a serious problem!  ProChem ProActive gets daily calls from people concerned about the possibility of bed bugs inside their homes, apartments, businesses and more.  PCPA offers a very effective heat treatment system that will kill bed bugs and their eggs the first time.  In order to have an effective bed bug extermination, there are a few steps you must take before the professionals at ProChem ProActive arrive at your home or place of business for your bed bug heat treatment.

To prepare for your bed bug heat treatment, we ask that you take the following preparation measures to ensure our treatment is completely effective:

  1. Unplug electronic devices.
  2. If clothes are tightly packed inside your drawers you may need to remove them and loosely stack in open weave laundry baskets.
  3. If you have an air mattress, deflate the bladders.
  4. Make sure there is a clear path to the treatment area for equipment to be brought in.
  5. Remove all pets from the premises, including cats, dogs, fish, birds, and reptiles…ect.
  6. Collect items that may be damaged during the heat treatment, such as aerosols, compressed gases, flammable chemicals, CDs, candles, wax figurines, oil paintings, musical instruments, plants, carbonated beverages, foods that may melt, and valuables. These items will be carefully inspected by the ProChem ProActive technician before being removed from the treatment area.
  7. Medications should be stored in the refrigerator during the heat treatment.

By following these preparation tips, you can help make sure that your property is ready for the ProChem ProActive bed bug heat treatment.  If you have any questions about our bed bug heat treatments or your pre-heat preparation, please give us a call!  One of our ProChem ProActive technicians will be happy to answer all your questions.

If you are concerned that you may have bed bugs at your home or place of business, give us a call today for a bed bug k-9 inspection.  Our knowledgeable handlers and bed bug detection dogs can inspect your property to determine if you have a bed bugs problem, and then offer the BEST treatment plan to solve your problem for GOOD!  Contact Us Today!

Pests Most Likely to Bug You This Year

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ProChem ProActive is proud to serve the entire states of Nevada and Oklahoma as well as parts of Arizona.  We see thousands of bugs every year and help each of our clients get rid of their pest problems for good.  Each insect problem takes knowledge and experience to treat, both of which ProChem ProActive is proud to provide at every job.  Here are just SOME of the bugs that ProChem ProActive can eliminate for you this year.



These venomous arachnids are especially prevalent in Nevada and Arizona.  The scorpion sting can cause nausea, numbness, vomiting and breathing difficulties.  The sting can be especially dangerous for young children and animals.

When temperatures are cool scorpions seek warmer environments, such as inside your home. Proactive year-round treatments are recommended.



There are 4 types of cockroach common to the ProChem ProActive treatment area: American Cockroach (aka Water bug or Palmetto bug), Australian Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach (aka black beetle), and the German Cockroach.  Cockroaches are known for their resilience and heartiness.  They can survive for long periods of time and escape many types of treatment methods.  Depending on the severity of the cockroach infestation, ProChem ProActive has many weapons to eradicate them.



There are 3 types of spider that are common and potentially harmful in the mid-west and western US.  Your proactive year-round service will reduce the likelihood of seeing one of these creepy-crawlies.  The most common dangerous spiders are: The Brown Recluse known for its brown body and violin shaped spot.  These spiders like to hide in dark small places and usually only bite when threatened.  The next spider is the Black Widow which is easily recognized by the red hourglass mark on their belly.  Symptoms of a black widow bite are fever, chills, nausea, vomiting and pain.  The last spider is the Camel Spider (aka wind scorpions or sun spider).  These spiders exhibit aggressive behavior and may attack for no reason.


Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are found in every state in the US and can affect anyone.  They are “picked-up” by hiding in your clothes or personal belongings.  Bed bugs can be extremely hard to eliminate with DIY efforts.  Bed Bug infestations require a professional identification and heat treatment for best extermination results.  ProChem ProActive is known for our expertise in Bed Bug elimination.


No matter what your pest problem is, ProChem ProActive can help!  Don’t trust just ANY exterminator – turn to the pro’s and end your pest nightmare today!

For more information and to download a bug identification guide visit