CAP Program

About The Program

The Comprehensive Abatement Program “C.A.P.” was designed specifically for the Multifamily Housing Industry to help set many annual budget line items once and for all!

Our program can immediately stop the flow of funds towards unnecessary pest, bed bug, and water remediation costs today.

  • Revenue Generating
  • Same Day Dry Outs
  • Faster Unit Turn Around
  • Enhance Your Properties Reputation
  • Immediate Bed Bug Heat Treatments
  • Dependable Pest Eradication Services
  • Fixed Budgets

Put a “CAP” on Your:

  • General Pest Budgets
  • Bed Bug Budgets
  • Termite Budgets
  • Minor Water Loss Claims
  • Bed Bug Related Lawsuit Claims
  • Odor Issues
  • And Much More!!!

Start Saving Thousands Today!


CAP Packages


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About The Services


A Simple Process With Dramatic Results

Plain and simply, non-toxic thermal pest control treatment works by raising the temperatures of an affected area to a level that is proven to kill the targeted pest(s). Clean, dry heat is directed into a contained area or structure through flexible Mylar ducting or our Electric Heat System. The room air temperature is slowly raised to a safe “sauna-like temperature” that is lethal to the targeted organism. Temperatures in the range of 140-150ºF for about one hour prove fatal to many of the organisms that cohabitant our buildings.

Rodent Control

Humane Rodent Control

Forty percent of mammal species are rodents, and they are found in vast numbers on all continents other than Antarctica. Common rodents include mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, gophers, porcupines, beavers, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, degus, chinchillas, prairie dogs, and groundhogs. ProChem ProActive can get rid of these pests quickly and humanly.

K-9 Detection Services

The Best Way To Find Bed Bugs

By using K-9 Bed Bug Detection Dogs, ProChem ProActive can save residential and commercial customers time and money by detecting bed bugs early. Bed Bug Detection Dogs can detect even the smallest bed bugs and their microscopic eggs quickly and accurately. Waiting for complaints to alert you of a bed bug problem can result in a nightmare of “negligent claims” and lawsuits; but by detecting the bed bugs early and scheduling regular inspections you can protect your business and keep your customers happy. Our K-9 team can search up to 100-200 rooms in one day, saving you time and money!

Pigeon Control

(Provided by U.S. Pigeon Control |
Clean, Humane and Effective

Pigeon droppings destroy property, are unsightly, and create a health hazard for guests and staff. They also contain smells (pheromones) that signal to other pigeons that your property is open for business – pigeon business. Once the pigeons have been removed from the property, our Biological Services Division will clean-up, decontaminate, and depheromonize your property. Not only will this help to get your property looking the way you want it, but it will also help minimize any further property damage.


The Savings

This client would have saved $2,708.08 this year by participating in the C.A.P Program.

  • Would have added multiple service that would have increased their budget (such as pigeons).
  • Stopped paying for logbook entries over 10.
  • Stopped paying for rodent work.
  • Stopped paying for scorpion work.
  • Stopped paying for Termites.
  • Stopped paying for Bed Bugs.
  • Added K-9 Inspections that have the potential to save Bed Bug related Lawsuits.
  • Added exterior power spraying of buildings.
  • Provided a better service to their residents.
  • And SAVED MONEY! (Now maybe the Manager can get her bonus again!)

* If a property is experiencing a larger number of bed bugs, it is VERY common for a C.A.P. Client to profit with this program.