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Should You Be Worried About These Weird Bugs?

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Did you know that there are over 900 thousand different kinds of insects in the world right now?  And over 10 quintillion (10,000,000,000,000,000,000) individual bugs living on the earth?  With that many different kinds of bugs, there are bound to be some weird ones that you’ve never seen…but how do you know if that unknown bug is dangerous?  What happens when you find a weird bug, what do you do?  ProChem ProActive is here to help demystify some weird bugs that you might see in the Las Vegas area.

Here are some crazy looking bugs and general information about them.

Jerusalem Cricket

This rare insects name can be misleading as they are neither truly crickets, nor do they inhabit Jerusalem.  These insects are not venomous but they can inflict a painful bite and a foul smell. They primarily feed on dead organic matter and other insects. Usually, they are spotted under rocks or other plants.  They like to burrow and live in damp dark areas usual just beneath the soil.  Because of their rarity, these pests are not considered a pest problem.


Acorn Weevil

The Acorn Weevil gets its name from their habit of laying eggs inside the soft tissue of an acorn and the seeds of oak trees.  An adult female weevil uses her long snout to bore a tiny hole in the acorn to lay her eggs. The larva will feed on the inside of the acorn while it hardens over the warm summer, and eventually chew their way out in early winter when they burrow into the ground.  These are weird looking insects for sure, but not dangerous and they are not usually included in pest control treatment plans.


Assassin Bug

There’s no need to panic when you see an assassin bug, although he cautions it’s best not to touch them because they can inflict rather painful bites.  They get their name from the way that they kill their prey; by violently stabbing it to death with their strong “beak”.  Often seen on shrubs, ground cover or garden plants, these bugs are considered beneficial for gardeners because they eat other small insects that feed on garden plants.

Like some of the other pests in this list, if left alone they are not dangerous and usually not treated during your standard pest control.  If you find yourself with large numbers of these bugs however there are pesticides that will rid them from your property.



Earwigs are nocturnal insects that love dark, damp places where they can feed on foliage, flowers and other plans.  In the desert, they are often seen around lawns and other damp green areas.  They can use their forceps to grasp onto a finger if agitated, but earwigs do not sting nor are they dangerous. They have no venom, so earwigs are not poisonous.  They also do not crawl inside your ear, as their name might suggest.  They can infest your yard though, so treatments for these bugs are common.


Do you have a pest problem or insects that you can’t identify?  Visit our website and check out our insect identification feature and request a free estimate for your pest treatments.  Year-round pest control is important to keep your home, business, and family safe from pests.  We are here to help, give us a call today!

K-9 Bed Bug Detectives Are On The Case!

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Prochem Proactive is proud to be one of the few companies in Las Vegas to offer in-house k-9 detection services to all of our bed bug clients.  ProChem’s K-9 team includes some of the best-trained dogs in the industry, and their services are available to ALL customers.  Inspections can be performed pre, or post treatments and will give you peace of mind that your bed bug treatments have been, or will be, successful.  Our K-9 team is specially trained and is required to do training year-round to keep their skills fresh. 

At ProChem ProActive we firmly believe that K-9s are the BEST way to identify bed bug infestations quickly and accurately.  To help you get to know more about our revolutionary team of K-9 bed bug detectives we’ve put together a list of FAQ about our bed bug K-9 Detection service.

How much more effective are bed bugs then the ProChem ProActive trained technicians?

The technicians at ProChem ProActive are highly trained and have performed hundreds of bed bug inspections and treatments. However, no human can fully compete with the skilled nose of a dog.  Our K-9s are 95% accurate, while humans at their best are approximately 30% accurate in the same environment.  This is because humans are limited by their sight, while dogs can sniff out bed bugs hiding in walls, inside furniture, behind objects and more.

How quickly can the inspection be completed?

For a standard hotel room, you can expect a K-9 inspection to be complete in approx. 3-5 minutes.  For a human, that same room would take 20 minutes or more.  K-9s have been known to be able to inspect an entire hotel (up to 200 rooms) in 1 day.

Will bed bugs alert the handler for dead bed bugs?

No, our dogs are specially trained only to alert their handler when live bed bugs or eggs are present.  This makes them an extremely valuable tool in post-treatment inspections.

Will a K-9 inspection hold up in a legal case?

A properly certified K-9, like ProChem ProActive’s team, can be used in a court of law as a scientific instrument.  Not only will having a K-9 inspection improve your appearance in any legal case, but it could also be the difference between winning and owing thousands in settlements.

How do I schedule a K-9 Bed Bug Inspection?

Call ProChem ProActive today and schedule your k-9 inspection today.  We offer residential, and commercial packages and rates to fit every customer’s need.  You can reach us at 866-674-7779.  We look forward to working with you!

The Top 5 Bed Bug Mistakes

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If you’ve ever had bed bugs you know how important it is to act quickly and solve the problem with as few treatments as possible.  Due to the lack of public awareness, many people make big mistakes when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs.  These mistakes can make your bed bug problem worse, cause the infestation to spread throughout your home, or even make professional treatments impossible. 

Here are the top 5 bed bug mistakes you’ll want to avoid making:

1.     Keeping the infestation a secret

If you get bed bugs, it’s important to remember that the bugs aren’t picky and can be picked up by anyone.  Hiding the problem from your family and friends could cause the issue to spread to them.  Hiding a bed bug infestation from your landlord could result in fines, becoming financially responsible for additional treatments and even eviction.  Don’t be ashamed of bed bugs and work with professionals to solve the problem quickly.

2.     Self-treatment using bug bombs, sprays or any off-the-shelf contact killers

Using this treatment option may seem like the “easy” and “affordable” way out of a bed bug problem, they often result in much bigger issues.  Bug bombs and sprays drive bed bugs deeper into hiding or cause them to spread out in search of a more habitable area.  This can make future treatments more difficult and expensive.  Some treatments can even make future professional treatments impossible, especially dust treatments which can harm technicians and k-9 teams, plus will need to be completely cleaned up before a heat treatment can be applied.

3.     Improper removal of infested items

Moving bed bug infested items must be done carefully.  You must wrap the items in sealed plastic and label the items as infested.  If done improperly, moving items from your home could spread the bugs to other unsuspecting people’s homes.  Also, by dragging the furniture through your home you could be spreading the bugs to areas that they hadn’t found yet.

4.    Not checking your hotel rooms

It doesn’t matter if you’re staying at a 5-star resort or a tiny bed & breakfast.  EVERY hospitality location has or will have in its lifetime, a bed bug sighting.  With the high turn-over of people and many of those people coming from airports and other public transportation where bed bugs often spread, it’s just a matter of time before bed bugs find their way into a hotel room.  The key to the hospitality industry is to identify the problem before the guests do, but that doesn’t always happen.  It’s important that you check your room before moving your belongings in.  Check the bed and surrounding furniture.  You shouldn’t see live bugs, dead skin castings, tiny black dots (fecal spots) or blood smears ion the bedding or mattress.  These are all signs of bed bugs and should be taken directly to management. 

5.     Hiring an inexperienced pest “professional”

Hiring the right pro for the job is essential with any project.  Whether you need a plumber, gardener or a pest control technician, you should always research your options and choose the most experienced pro for the job.  Make sure you hire a professional like ProChem ProActive to kill bed bugs for you.  ProChem ProActive offers heat treatments, k-9 inspections, and follow up treatments as necessary.  With this wide range of services, all of your bed bugs needs can be solved quickly and effectively.  Inexperienced exterminators may require 3,4 or even 5 treatments to kill all the bugs.  While bed bug experts like ProChem ProActive can often resolve your bed bug issues in just one treatment! 

Treating bed bugs can be difficult, and there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding DIY treatments.  Luckily ProChem ProActive is here to help!  Give ProChem ProActive a call today and find out how we can help you get rid of bed bugs, and keep them away for good.  ProChem ProActive treats residential and commercial properties. 

Winter Rodent Tips

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The winter months can be a rodent “prime time” for moving into new spaces.  Due to the cooler weather, rodents are actively looking for new places to stay warm, nest and feed.  Rodents moving into your home or business can not only be un-nerving, but it can also cause expensive damages and dangerous hazards.

The Dangers of a Rodent Problem:

  • Electrical damages caused my chewing rodents can cause fires
  • Rodents can spread diseases and parasites
  • Rodent attack and/or bites


It is essential to treat any pest or rodent problem quickly and efficiently before it can spread to a bigger issue and cause some of the dangerous after-effects listed above.  With the help of ProChem ProActive and the list of DIY tips, you can keep your home or business rodent free all year long.


Top 6 Tips to Keep Rodents Away:


  1. Block All Points of Entry – One of the most effective preventative measures to keep rodents away is to block their point of entry into the structure.  Carefully inspects the foundation of the building for cracks, holes, missing or damaged seals, ripped screens and storm/water damage.  Even the smallest crack would be the perfect entry area for mice and rats. Additionally, you should never leave the doors or windows to your home open without a screen.  This also includes basement windows as well as patio and balcony doors.
  2. Remove the Food Source – Bird feeders, pet food, and fruit trees are the perfect “open buffet” for rodents. Don’t leave your pet’s food sitting out.  Always remove any fallen fruit from fruit trees, and move bird feeders at least 50 feet from your home, or better yet eradicate them.
  3. Seal Your Garbage – Garbage can be the perfect food and nesting source for rodents. Seal up your trash to avoid attracting unwanted
  4. Clean Up the Yard – Dense foliage can allow rodents to live freely on your property. You should especially trim any plants that are near or touching your home, as they can shelter rodents just long enough to search the foundation for cracks and holes.
  5. Be Tidy – crumbs, spilled food and drinks, as well as open food containers inside your home, are the perfect food source for hungry rodents.  Sweep the floors regularly, clean up spills right away and keep your dried ingredients in plastic, air-tight containers at all times.
  6. Get a Cat or Dog – it is often seen that homes were pets reside have less rodent activity. Just remember not to leave your pets un-eaten food out for rodents to find.

These tips should help keep your home rodent free all year long, however, if you already have a rodent problem it could be hard to solve it on your own.  That’s where the experts at ProChem ProActive come in!  We can perform regular treatments to reduce and eventually eliminate the rodent population!  Call us today to schedule your inspecti

Bed Bug Management for Apartments

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Here at ProChem ProActive we get questions about bed bugs in apartments all the time.  Who is responsible for the treatments costs?  What are the steps I should take after finding bed bugs in a unit?  Isn’t there a cheaper way to kill bed bugs?  These are just a few of the MANY questions that come to mind to tenants and apartment property managers.  The most important step in bed bug elimination is education.  Know your enemy, and how to kill them.  That is why we have compiled this list of FAQ specially for apartments managers and tenants.


I found bed bugs in my unit, what do I do?

First, review your rental agreement for any pertinent provisions as to your rights and obligations as well as those of your landlord.  You should always report (in writing) to your landlord or property manager as soon as you suspect a problem.  If you can prove that the bed bugs were there before you, then your landlord will be responsible to cover the treatment, you may also be entitled to an offset on rent and/or a reimbursement if you have any out-of-pocket expenses related to the bed bug issue.  Remember: Bed bugs DO NOT equal an unclean living situation.  Bed bugs can affect ANYONE, so you should be ashamed if you brought home bed bugs.  Be open with your landlord and get the problem solved ASAP before it spreads.


One of my tenants just reported bed bugs, what is my responsibility?

Because of bed bug’s tendencies to move from room to room by traveling under floors, through walls or hitching a ride on visitors, it is essential that you SOLVE any bed bug report quickly and efficiently.  A single unit infestation could turn into an entire floor problem in no time, so your reaction time is KEY!  Proactive landlords should have a routine bed bug inspection performed several times a year to keep on top of any issues as they arise.  Whether you have worked into your lease agreement that you, or the tenant, pays for the bed bug treatment, you should always be up-to-date on the status of the issue.  You may also need to suggest any surrounding rooms be inspected for bed bugs as well.  DO NOT ignore a bed bug report!  This can lead to large, hard to control infestations, costly repairs and clean up, lost business, and even lawsuit.


I’ve been treating these bed bugs for months, isn’t there a quicker and more effective treatment option?

Yes, that’s where ProChem ProActive comes in.  Traditional chemical treatments alone can take a LONG time to kill all the bugs.  This is because the chemical treatments require that each bug come in contact with the insecticide.  The eggs, small nymphs and hidden bed bugs may not ever some into contact with the poison in time, resulting in “re-occurring” infestations.  To end a bed bug problem you need to kill all the bugs, even those tiny eggs, quickly before the bugs can move, hide, or reproduce more hidden eggs.  Heat treatments work really well because the bugs are killed within 15 minutes of the lethal temperature being reached.  Heat permeates the entire room, even the places where you can’t see.  That means that those tiny hidden eggs are killed too!


How do I KNOW the bugs are gone?

Whether you are a tenant or landlord you will want to be sure that the bugs are dead.  K-9 detection is the BEST way to do certain that your treatment was successful.  ProChem ProActive has a K-9 detection team that can inspect before and after any treatments to ensure total elimination.


OK, Where’s the number to call?

Right here!  We can’t wait to work with you!  Call us at (866) 674-7779 to schedule your inspection and heat treatment.

Pests Most Likely to Bug You This Year

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ProChem ProActive is proud to serve the entire states of Nevada and Oklahoma as well as parts of Arizona.  We see thousands of bugs every year and help each of our clients get rid of their pest problems for good.  Each insect problem takes knowledge and experience to treat, both of which ProChem ProActive is proud to provide at every job.  Here are just SOME of the bugs that ProChem ProActive can eliminate for you this year.



These venomous arachnids are especially prevalent in Nevada and Arizona.  The scorpion sting can cause nausea, numbness, vomiting and breathing difficulties.  The sting can be especially dangerous for young children and animals.

When temperatures are cool scorpions seek warmer environments, such as inside your home. Proactive year-round treatments are recommended.



There are 4 types of cockroach common to the ProChem ProActive treatment area: American Cockroach (aka Water bug or Palmetto bug), Australian Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach (aka black beetle), and the German Cockroach.  Cockroaches are known for their resilience and heartiness.  They can survive for long periods of time and escape many types of treatment methods.  Depending on the severity of the cockroach infestation, ProChem ProActive has many weapons to eradicate them.



There are 3 types of spider that are common and potentially harmful in the mid-west and western US.  Your proactive year-round service will reduce the likelihood of seeing one of these creepy-crawlies.  The most common dangerous spiders are: The Brown Recluse known for its brown body and violin shaped spot.  These spiders like to hide in dark small places and usually only bite when threatened.  The next spider is the Black Widow which is easily recognized by the red hourglass mark on their belly.  Symptoms of a black widow bite are fever, chills, nausea, vomiting and pain.  The last spider is the Camel Spider (aka wind scorpions or sun spider).  These spiders exhibit aggressive behavior and may attack for no reason.


Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are found in every state in the US and can affect anyone.  They are “picked-up” by hiding in your clothes or personal belongings.  Bed bugs can be extremely hard to eliminate with DIY efforts.  Bed Bug infestations require a professional identification and heat treatment for best extermination results.  ProChem ProActive is known for our expertise in Bed Bug elimination.


No matter what your pest problem is, ProChem ProActive can help!  Don’t trust just ANY exterminator – turn to the pro’s and end your pest nightmare today!

For more information and to download a bug identification guide visit


Pest Elimination For Hotels, Motels and Apartments

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Bugs can be a major problem for any business, especially in the Multifamily Housing industry.  ProChem ProActive offers revolutionary programs that help keep your business pest free all year long.  The Comprehensive Abatement Program “C.A.P.” was designed to help keep your annual pest budget on track the entire year.


With the CAP program you can stop the flow of money towards unnecessary and ineffective pest, bed bug and water remediation.  There are many advantages to the CAP program, such as; Revenue Generating, Faster Unit Turn Around, Enhanced Property Reputation, Immediate Bed Bug Heat Treatments, Dependable Services, A Fixed Budget and Happier Residents!


What’s Covered

With a set budget, all your pest needs are covered in the CAP program. Choose from our Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze level packages for the perfect fit for your business.

  • General Pests
  • Bed Bug Infestation Inspections and Heat Treatments
  • Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Bee Problems
  • Staff Training
  • Log Book Entries
  • Minor Water Damage
  • Rodent Control
  • K-9 Bed Bug Detection
  • Pigeon Control
  • 24 Hour Response Time

The Savings

By locking in your pest budget you can save thousands throughout the year.  Plus, we offer many services that you wouldn’t normally get with your standard pest control efforts.

Here are some of the ways we save you money:

  • Stop paying for logbook entries over 10
  • Stop paying for rodent work
  • Stop paying extra of scorpion treatments
  • Stop paying for termite treatments
  • Stop dishing out extra cash for bed bug problems
  • Add K-9 Inspections that have the potential to stop bed bug related lawsuits
  • Provide better services to your residents and guests

This savings is especially noticeable if a property experiences a larger number of bed bug issues!


Call ProChem ProActive today to get a custom quote for your business and enroll in the CAP program today!  We can be reached at 866-674-7779 or through the contact form on our website.

Here We Grow Again – ProChem ProActive’s New Oklahoma Branch Is Now Open For Business!

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ProChem ProActive have been eliminating bugs in the Las Vegas, Nevada area for over 15 years. The company started as ProChem Pest Solutions, which opened its doors at the beginning of 1999.  The mission of this new company was to give the customer what they want, a quality service at a fair price. This attitude pushed ProChem Pest Solution’s into unbelievable growth thanks to referrals from many happy customers. In 2013, ProChem Pest Solutions became ProChem ProActive. This new name reflects the goal of prevention instead of reaction.

In September of 2015, ProChem ProActive expanded out of Nevada and opened a new branch in Sterling, Oklahoma.  This new office services Lawton, Chickasha, Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas.

ProChem ProActive believes that effective pest control is a process, not a one-time turn and burn action. ProChem’s pest elimination technique is a three tiered process that has been time tested and proven for many years. ProChem also believes in utilizing the newest technology and best quality equipment to solve every pest issue.

One of ProChem’s most effective services is their specially trained K-9 bed bug detection unit. By using highly trained dogs, ProChem can save residential and commercial customers time and money by detecting bed bugs early.  Bed bug detection dogs are 97% accurate, which is significantly better than their human counter parts, which can search a room with 30% accuracy.  The dogs can inspect an entire room in 3 minutes or less and can detect even the smallest bugs and eggs.  ProChem ProActive is the first and only pest elimination company in the Sterling, Oklahoma area that offers this advanced bed bug detection method.

ProChem ProActive offers a wide range of services to solve all of your pest related issues.  From household ants, roaches, bed bugs and more – ProChem ProActive will keep your home or business pest free all year long! ProChem also offers 100% guaranteed pest elimination and competitive pricing to all of their loyal customers.

For more information, give ProChem ProActive a call at 1 (866) 674-7779 or visit

Bed Bugs In Court

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Bed bugs have found their way into our homes, businesses and now the courts.  Bed bug lawsuits are constantly being brought against negligent business owners and property managers.  And the settlements are HUGE!  Bed bugs are costing businesses thousands of dollars in failed extermination attempts as well as devastating lawsuits.  Not to mention the effect that a bed bug lawsuit has on a business’s reputation.  Who wants to stay at a place where bed bugs are known to live??

 Who is at risk?

Business Owners:  If you own a hotel or motel, chances are you have had at least one run in with bed bugs.  Because of the high traffic volume in the hospitality industry it makes these locations extremely susceptible to bed bugs.  In the early 2000’s two siblings sued a Motel 6 that was infested with bed bugs.  Each of the siblings was awarded $191,000 in damages after staying in a room where bed bugs were found crawling on the walls and in the bed.  If you are waiting for a guest to report a bug problem,  then you are already at risk for a lawsuit.  Hotels and motels should have a PROACTIVE bed bug detection and treatment plan in place.  Monthly inspections and quick/effective treatments are key to keeping the bugs away.  If a guest can prove that you knew about a bug problem before you rented them a room, or that the proper documentation or treatments weren’t applied, you could be found guilty of negligence.  Hire a great exterminator, like ProChem ProActive, and get rid of the bugs before your guests find them!

The Multi-Housing Industry: Similar to hotels/motels, apartment buildings can get quite a bit of traffic as well.  A single tenant could contract bed bugs and spread the infestation to the entire building.  Bed bugs travel by hitch hiking on people, baggage, in furniture, as well as moving from room to room through the walls, floors and ceilings.  Set up proper notification methods and procedures for tenants to use if bed bugs are suspected and follow up on any concerns right away.  Don’t assume if you or a tenant keeps the structure clean enough that you will somehow be immune to the bed bugs.  Bed bugs can live anywhere! While clutter creates an ideal living situation, a clean home can have just as many bugs.

Lawsuits resulting from lazy business owners can result in enormous settlements.  In some cases tenants have been awarded up to $850,000 in damages.  The jury in one case only took 2 hours to award an elderly woman $850,000. Which was twice the amount she was seeking.  She proved that her landlord ignored the bed bug problem that he knew resided in the 69 year old tenant’s home.  This shows that the legal system has no tolerance for negligent property managers! If bed bugs are found in a unit, DON’T WAIT!  Call ProChem ProActive to come out and do a professional inspection of all of the surrounding rooms.  Our K-9 Unit can tell us with 98% accuracy if bed bugs are present.  We can solve the problem BEFORE it spreads any further.

Tenants:  If you are renting an apartment or home find out what your property management company uses for bed bug detection and notification.  If you find bed bugs in your home, it is important to report the problem right away.  Complying with all procedures and regulations will not only protect you from the bugs, it also ensures that you cannot be accused of neglecting the problem.  A recent case in New York showed how a negligent tenant can also result in a messy lawsuit. A man was sued by his landlord for refusing to allow an exterminator to treat his New York Apartment for bed bugs that were known to live there.  Other tenants in the building reported the issue and even threatened to move out due to the extreme problem.  The company that owns the building is seeking $300,00 in damages both to the physical building as well as the threat of lost business. If you find bed bugs in your apartment don’t be like this NY resident, report the problem and allow the pest professionals to do their job.


Over half the states in the country have passed bed bug statues and legislation to protect citizens against bed bugs.  Many of these laws state that landlords cannot knowingly rent a bed bug infested room to any guest.  Wise business owners are turning to the professionals to help keep their lawsuit risk down with PROACTIVE bed bug treatments and inspections.  ProChem ProActive can help you avoid lawsuits and claims by providing the highest quality bed bug heat treatments that work the first time.  We guarantee 100% pest elimination for all of our extermination treatments.  If you are worried about bed bugs, call us today!  We will work with you until the problem is solved and your business is back on track.  Many problems can be solved in just one heat treatment ( that’s just 6-8 hours!!!).  Don’t wait, Call us today! Call Us: 1 (866) 674-7779

Bed Bugs: The Next “Super Bug”

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Small itchy red bumps are often one of the first signs of the presence of bed bugs.  Once detected,  concerned home owners and business managers often turn to pesticides, excessive cleaning, and de-cluttering to rid themselves of these unwanted pests.  While these methods can reduce the number of bed bugs, many people are dismayed when the bed bug population isn’t easily eradicated. Scientists have been studying the reasons that bed bugs are so difficult to kill for years. Studies have found the bed bugs are becoming more resilient to the commonly used pesticides.

 Researchers from Virginia Tech studied bed bugs in Michigan and Cincinnati, which have been exposed to neonics regularly, revealing that they are 33,000 times more resistant to insecticides when compared with bugs that have never been exposed to these chemicals.  This new data seems to prove that bed bugs are becoming “super bugs” and can thrive even in dangerous chemical environments.

History has shown that bed bugs can and will evolve in order to survive.  In the 1940-1950’s the use of DDT was widely used to kill bed bugs.  DDT almost exterminated the entire bed bug population until the bugs started to become resistant and began to thrive once again.  Since then people around the world have been trying different chemical cocktails to kill bed bugs once-and-for-all. The Virginia Tech  researchers found that bed bug have reacted similarly to many of the chemicals used in our everyday extermination efforts.  In the VT study, the bed bugs from Michigan were 462 times for resistant to imadacloprid, 192 times more to dinotefuran, 546 times more to thiamethoxam and 33,333 times more resitant to acetamiprid. [1]  This is a scary fact for many exterminators as they realize that the widely used and well know bed bug solutions are quickly becoming ineffective.

So, what do we do now?  How can we control the bed bug population?  The answer is actually quite simple: bed bugs hate heat!  Professional pest eliminators like ProChem ProActive are at the forefront of a safe, effective, and proven way of eliminating bugs without the use of any chemicals.  Thermal Pest Eradication, offered by specially trained technicians, is a simple process with dramatic results.  After heating the structure to 140-150 degrees and holding the temperature for a set amount of time (usually 6-8 hours) all bed bugs in the walls, floors, and furniture are killed.  Even the tiny eggs and nymphs are eradicated without the use of dangerous and ineffective chemicals. For more information about the heat treatments offered at ProChem ProActive, call us at 1 (866) 674-7779.  Learn how heat can SOLVE your bed bug problem!