How You Can Save Money on Pest Control in 2020

Posted on: December 1, 2019 by in Pest Elimination
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Whether you’re a new Nevada homeowner, business owner, or have just had to deal with the sting of a costly repair bill, being proactive about your pest control is a great way to protect the value of your property and avoid expensive repairs. How can you be proactive? With a yearly treatment plan.


Set Up a Yearly Treatment Plan

We see all too many people who leave a pest problem until the pests force their hand and leave them with costly repair bills. The best way to avoid this is to be proactive about your pest control and set up a yearly treatment plan.

We get regular doctor checkups, we maintain our vehicles, so it only makes sense to do the same for our pest control. What can a yearly treatment plan manage?


  1. Rodents in Residences and Businesses

Rodents can quickly become a problem, especially if they believe there is enough food and water to breed in large numbers. Roof rats and mice are common in residential homes, especially in the winter when they seek out warm places to sleep, but rats can be a major problem in commercial settings.

Regardless of the location, rodents easily spread disease, ruin merchandise and belongings with their droppings, and damage your property. A yearly treatment plan will help you keep your property free of rodents.


  1. Bedbugs in Homes and Hotels

If you’re in the hospitality industry, you’ve likely dealt with bedbugs. These horrid creatures infest soft furnishings, beds, and even small cracks in the décor if they can and come out to feed on your human guests. Worst of all, they are easily transported on items of clothing and suitcases, so it’s important you regularly deal with bedbugs to prevent infestation and bad reviews from unhappy customers. Of course, if you travel and stay in a hotel that doesn’t properly manage the spread of bedbugs, you may even bring them home with you.

A yearly treatment plan will ensure you stay bedbug-free year-round.


  1. Complete Multifamily Unit Pest Control

For landlords, we offer the Comprehensive Abatement Program (CAP), specifically designed for the multifamily housing industry. It’s designed to put a cap on your general pest spend, bedbug and termite control, control lawsuit claims, reduce odor issues, and much more.

With this program, landlords can save thousands by using our weekly pest control service where we’ll do everything necessary to ensure pests never become a problem inside our outside your property. When everything is properly managed, you’ll increase your property’s reputation and turn a profit, especially if you take part in our rebate program (click here to find out more). [link:]


If you’re interested in starting your yearly treatment plan in Las Vegas, elsewhere in Nevada, or Arizona, click here to contact us today [link:]. If you’re a landlord and you want to find out more about our CAP program, click here. [link:] Alternatively, call us at 866-674-7779 to talk to us about your needs.