K-9 Bed Bug Detectives Are On The Case!

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Prochem Proactive is proud to be one of the few companies in Las Vegas to offer in-house k-9 detection services to all of our bed bug clients.  ProChem’s K-9 team includes some of the best-trained dogs in the industry, and their services are available to ALL customers.  Inspections can be performed pre, or post treatments and will give you peace of mind that your bed bug treatments have been, or will be, successful.  Our K-9 team is specially trained and is required to do training year-round to keep their skills fresh. 

At ProChem ProActive we firmly believe that K-9s are the BEST way to identify bed bug infestations quickly and accurately.  To help you get to know more about our revolutionary team of K-9 bed bug detectives we’ve put together a list of FAQ about our bed bug K-9 Detection service.

How much more effective are bed bugs then the ProChem ProActive trained technicians?

The technicians at ProChem ProActive are highly trained and have performed hundreds of bed bug inspections and treatments. However, no human can fully compete with the skilled nose of a dog.  Our K-9s are 95% accurate, while humans at their best are approximately 30% accurate in the same environment.  This is because humans are limited by their sight, while dogs can sniff out bed bugs hiding in walls, inside furniture, behind objects and more.

How quickly can the inspection be completed?

For a standard hotel room, you can expect a K-9 inspection to be complete in approx. 3-5 minutes.  For a human, that same room would take 20 minutes or more.  K-9s have been known to be able to inspect an entire hotel (up to 200 rooms) in 1 day.

Will bed bugs alert the handler for dead bed bugs?

No, our dogs are specially trained only to alert their handler when live bed bugs or eggs are present.  This makes them an extremely valuable tool in post-treatment inspections.

Will a K-9 inspection hold up in a legal case?

A properly certified K-9, like ProChem ProActive’s team, can be used in a court of law as a scientific instrument.  Not only will having a K-9 inspection improve your appearance in any legal case, but it could also be the difference between winning and owing thousands in settlements.

How do I schedule a K-9 Bed Bug Inspection?

Call ProChem ProActive today and schedule your k-9 inspection today.  We offer residential, and commercial packages and rates to fit every customer’s need.  You can reach us at 866-674-7779.  We look forward to working with you!