K-9 Detection Is The Best Way To Find Bed Bugs

By using K-9 Bed Bug Detection Dogs, Prochem ProActive can save residential and commercial customers time and money by detecting bed bugs early.  Bed Bug Detection Dogs can detect even the smallest bed bugs and their microscopic eggs quickly and accurately.

  • K-9 AccuracyBed Bug Detection Dogs have an 97% accuracy rate, while a human visual inspection is only about 30% accurate.
  • Dogs can inspect an entire room in less than 3 minutes, while a human technician’s inspection can take 15-60 minutes.
  • Dogs can search a room with little to no prep, while a room much be prepared before a human technician can do a proper search.  Don’t waste time unmaking beds, moving furniture or removing clutter before a K-9 inspection.
  • Dogs can detect bed bugs in any area of the room, while human inspections are limited to the spaces that they can see.
  • With bed bug detection dogs, only treat the rooms that have bugs.
  • Breath easy knowing that the bugs have been eradicated



The Hospitality Industry

One of the most common places to find bed bugs is at a hotel or motel. Waiting for complaints to alert you of a bed bug problem can result in a nightmare of “negligent  claims” and lawsuits; but by detecting the bed bugs early and scheduling regular inspections you can protect your business and keep your customers happy.  Our K-9 team can search up to 100-200 rooms in one day, saving you time and money!  Prevent future breakouts and certify your location as Bed Bug Free with periodic inspections.

Protect your business from:

  • Unhappy Guests
  • Bad Publicity
  • Decrease in number of rooms booked
  • Dangerous and ineffective chemical treatments


Private Homes

Don’t lose sleep over bed bugs in your home.  Our K-9 Team will come into your house, find the bed bugs and allow for quick and effective treatment.  We can set your mind at ease knowing that the problem has been eradicated and your home is bed bugs free.


Our K-9 Detection Team


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