Nevada Year-Round Pest Elimination

Posted on: January 1, 2018 by in Pest Elimination
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While you may think that bug problem only occurs in the summer it is an important part of effective pest control to perform year-round services and preventative maintenance.  By keeping a proactive schedule from January to December you can keep bugs away for GOOD!  Here are a few things to think about each month of this year.

Download our yearly pest calendar here

January – March

Start the new year by searching your home inside and out for any signs of termite activity.  In the warmer areas of Nevada, termites can be a year-round problem.  Also check for any possible problem areas where bees, scorpions, or black widows could breed or get inside your home.  Be sure that your landscaping is graded away from the house and that water from the hose and drainage can drain away from the foundation of your home.  This time of year, is the best time to prevent infestations and clean up the yard in the cool weather.  If you find any termite activity call us right away to set up a year-round action plan to keep your home safe from these destructive bugs.


Since the temperatures haven’t gotten above the 100’s yet for most of the state this makes it the perfect time of year to check all of your doors and windows for broken screens and to caulk any openings to seal out pests like scorpions and spiders.  Before you start seeing bugs inside it might be best to schedule a pest spray.  Residents of Nevada also known as the weather warms up, so does scorpion activity.  If you have a scorpion problem, Call ProChem ProActive immediately.  Certain scorpions can be dangerous and should be treated with professional care.


These months mark the hottest part of the year for Nevada, as well as the monsoon season which can wash away any outdoor pest control treatments that have been applied.  This is the time to schedule a re-spray for pests.  The heat also making all outdoor bugs very active during this time.  For extreme scorpion, cockroach or bed bug infestations heat treatments may be applied to your home to kill the bugs.



Finally, a break from the HOT weather arrives and some pests will begin reducing their activity…. But don’t let your guard down!  Continue looking for any areas that bugs can get into your home and schedule treatments as needed. One active winter pest to look for are bed bugs.  Bed Bugs can be “picked up” any time of year, especially during travel, which is common during the winter holiday months.  Be sure to take proper precautions when traveling to avoid bringing home unwanted pests.  If you do come home after the holidays with a bed bug problem, don’t hesitate to call ProChem right away.  We offer super effective heat treatments that will solve your bed bug problem FAST!

For all of your pest needs call PROCHEM PROACTIVE right away!  We can keep you pest free all year!