Pest Elimination Rebate Program

ProChem ProActive will continue to provide our Industry Respected and Renowned Tier 1 Platinum Services while rebating back 10% to our Clients.

How Much Can I Make?

What Services Are Offered?

  • Bed Bug Thermal Heat Treatments
  • Bed Bug K9 Detection
  • Weekly Logbook Services
  • Property Power Spraying
  • Scorpion Treatments
  • Rodent Exclusion
  • Weekly Pigeon Service – Provided by Nevada Pigeon Control
  • Cockroach Treatments

How Do I Get Started?

Fill out the form below and a ProChem ProActive representative will contact you shortly to confirm your registration.

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DISCLAIMER: The Rebate Program as outlined above is being offered for the benefit of the customers of ProChem ProActive, LLC (PCPA). Participation in the Rebate Program shall take place under the auspices of a signed contract between the participant and ProChem ProActive, LLC according to the following provisions:
1. All rebates offered through participation in the Program will be paid within sixty (60) days of the receipt by PCPA of all monies owed by the Participant under the terms of its service contract.
2. This Program is being offered as an incentive for the development of new business and the improvement of existing customer accounts. Accordingly, the Program is available to all new customers of PCPA. In addition, existing Customers of PCPA are eligible to participate in the Program by entering into a new service contract. If an existing PCPA customer becomes a Participant in this Rebate Program, the existing contract between the customer and PCPA shall be rendered null and void, including any and all penalties precipitated by the early termination of such contract by the customer.
3. In as much as participation in the Rebate Program allows for the election of the recipient of the rebate monies to be paid, should the Participant elect that the rebate be paid to a private individual, should that individual leave the company for any reason, the rebates then being paid to that individual will cease being paid. Participant company shall be responsible to notify PCPA of the departure and the effective date of such departure of the individual then receiving the rebates from PCPA.
4. PCPA accepts no liability or responsibility for Participant’s tax liabilities, responsibilities, or assessments for the receipt of rebates.
5. PCPA reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time, without notice.