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Bed Bugs: The Next “Super Bug”

Posted on: March 1, 2016 by in Uncategorized
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Small itchy red bumps are often one of the first signs of the presence of bed bugs.  Once detected,  concerned home owners and business managers often turn to pesticides, excessive cleaning, and de-cluttering to rid themselves of these unwanted pests.  While these methods can reduce the number of bed bugs, many people are dismayed when the bed bug population isn’t easily eradicated. Scientists have been studying the reasons that bed bugs are so difficult to kill for years. Studies have found the bed bugs are becoming more resilient to the commonly used pesticides.

 Researchers from Virginia Tech studied bed bugs in Michigan and Cincinnati, which have been exposed to neonics regularly, revealing that they are 33,000 times more resistant to insecticides when compared with bugs that have never been exposed to these chemicals.  This new data seems to prove that bed bugs are becoming “super bugs” and can thrive even in dangerous chemical environments.

History has shown that bed bugs can and will evolve in order to survive.  In the 1940-1950’s the use of DDT was widely used to kill bed bugs.  DDT almost exterminated the entire bed bug population until the bugs started to become resistant and began to thrive once again.  Since then people around the world have been trying different chemical cocktails to kill bed bugs once-and-for-all. The Virginia Tech  researchers found that bed bug have reacted similarly to many of the chemicals used in our everyday extermination efforts.  In the VT study, the bed bugs from Michigan were 462 times for resistant to imadacloprid, 192 times more to dinotefuran, 546 times more to thiamethoxam and 33,333 times more resitant to acetamiprid. [1]  This is a scary fact for many exterminators as they realize that the widely used and well know bed bug solutions are quickly becoming ineffective.

So, what do we do now?  How can we control the bed bug population?  The answer is actually quite simple: bed bugs hate heat!  Professional pest eliminators like ProChem ProActive are at the forefront of a safe, effective, and proven way of eliminating bugs without the use of any chemicals.  Thermal Pest Eradication, offered by specially trained technicians, is a simple process with dramatic results.  After heating the structure to 140-150 degrees and holding the temperature for a set amount of time (usually 6-8 hours) all bed bugs in the walls, floors, and furniture are killed.  Even the tiny eggs and nymphs are eradicated without the use of dangerous and ineffective chemicals. For more information about the heat treatments offered at ProChem ProActive, call us at 1 (866) 674-7779.  Learn how heat can SOLVE your bed bug problem!




Bed Bugs in the News

Posted on: February 1, 2016 by in Pest Elimination
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Bed bugs are popping up in the news more and more frequently in lawsuits and tragic stories of injury and property loss.  Bed bugs can now be found in every country around the world, and every state of the US.  This makes having a proactive pest control plan even more important!  We have compiled some recent bed bug related articles published around the country.

In December (2015), according to an article written for FOX 31 Denver, a family paid a company $2,000 to rid their home of bed bugs, just to be left with an infestation problem over 3 months later.  The extermination company claiming to specialize in bed bug control appears to be shut down.  The bed bug problem was so bad that a few hours spent sitting in the family home would result in at least 5-6 bed bug bites.  [1] This story is proof that hiring a GREAT pest eliminator is important.  When hiring an exterminator, make sure you go with an experienced and well rated company like Prochem Proactive.  We have over 12 years of experience and great customer ratings with all of our treatment options.

Bed Bug related lawsuits are constantly popping up in the news as well.  HUGE settlements are being awarded every day.  One woman was awarded $100,000 in her lawsuit again a Red Roof Inn near Washington, DC.  In the lawsuit the woman claimed that the motel had found bed bugs in guest’s rooms previously but did not check that the room was bed bug free before they rented it to her.  Amazingly the woman was awarded the $100,000 for the bites and distress that the one night stay at this hotel caused. [2]  Business owners should have  bed bug inspections scheduled regularly throughout the year to avoid  these type of negligent claims.  Prochem Proactive offers regular inspections and treatments plans to keep your business bed bug free.  Don’t let bed bugs steal your profits!

Over Labor Day weekend (2015) a viral photo of bed bugs on a public bus was making its rounds on Instagram.  The photo, pictured on the left, was shared over 10,000 times via Instagram and other social media platforms. Live bed bugs were found living on/in the seats of the bus.  While the transportation company insists that they perform regular cleaning of their busses, negative press like this was catastrophic to business.  In some reports of the incident, it was said that people were running off of the bus after being alerted of the bed bugs.[3]  The damaged reputation of this bus company will take months, maybe even years, to repair.  Keep a good reputation at your business by treating bed bug problems BEFORE your customers notice any bugs.  K-9 detection dogs can perform an extremely accurate search of your business to make sure that there are no bugs found at your location.  If the Prochem Proactive K-9’s do find any bugs, we can set up a treatment plan that will work for you, while remaining discreet and keeping your business as operational as possible.

Understanding how a bed bug sighting can affect your business is the first step to keeping your business bed bug free.  Having a proactive bed bug detection and elimination plan is essential to every business.  Bed bugs have been found in schools, at movie theaters, in hospitals, at hotels/motels, in airplanes and other public transportation, and apartments/condos just to name a few.  Bed bugs can move easily from person to person via their clothing or personal items, which means that every business is at risk.  Keep your business safe from bed bugs with the Prochem Proactive ThermalPestEradication and K-9 Detection services.  Contact us today to schedule an inspection and start your treatment plan.

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