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Building a Defense Against Bed Bugs

Posted on: October 31, 2016 by in Pest Elimination
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Let’s face it, anyone can get bed bugs.  Even the cleanest homes, hotels, resorts and office buildings are susceptible to the dreaded bed bug.  However, there is hope!  By learning more about bed bugs and ways to prevent infestations you can drastically reduce the chances of them hitching a ride home with you. Here are some tips to keep bed bugs away from your home, business, and your loved ones in the upcoming year.

Around Your Home

  • Bed Bugs love clutter because it gives them plenty of places to hide. Keeping the clutter down around the home gives bed bugs less places to hide. This is a good excuse to do some “spring cleaning” this year and get rid of unneeded items.
  • Sealing your home not only protects against bed bugs it also makes it harder for other insects to enter the home as well. This should be a yearly task for any homeowner. Seal any cracks or holes to the outside, paying special attention to windows and doors.  Bed Bugs like to hide beneath flooring and behind molding and wallpaper.  Seal any areas between crown molding, windows, chair rails, baseboards, and flooring.  Don’t forget to do a detailed vacuuming before you start sealing to ensure the sealant will last.  Also glue down any loose wallpaper and seal any cracks in the walls.
  • Here’s another tip: We advise all of our clients to do regular inspections of their bed and surrounding areas. A simple visual inspection every few weeks should give you the chance to find any bed bug problem before it spreads to a bigger issue.  Check the edging around the mattress, under the mattress, and around the bed and bed frame. Keep in mind that bed bugs love plush furniture, so check other rooms and furniture as well.

While You Are Traveling

  • Pack a hard case suitcase instead of a duffle bag. This gives bed bugs less places to “grab on” and hitch a ride home with you.
  • Always inspect your hotel room – even expensive resorts have had bed bugs issues. A quick search of the bed should give you a good idea if your room is safe.  If any bed bugs are detected contact management immediately and request another room or change hotels.
  • Never place your luggage on the bed in your hotel room. Suitcases should always be placed on the provided rack, or on top of a hard surface.  Leave your bags in the hall or outside until all inspections of the room have been completed.
  • Upon returning home, leave your luggage outside or in the garage until you have inspected the contents and suitcase. All clothes should be washed and dried before placing them back in your drawers.

Visiting Other People’s Homes

It’s hard to believe that your family and friends would have bed bugs and not tell you before you stay…however many people are unaware of the bed bugs risk and may have an infestation and not even know.  If you think a place you have visited may have bed bugs there are a few precautions you can take….

  • Keep plastic garbage bags in your car to place your belongings into after visiting a place where you suspect bed bugs. Wash and try these items in the hottest environment possible to kill any hitchhikers.
  • If your friend has bed bugs always let them know. It can be a difficult subject to bring up, but in most cases they probably want to know.  If the problem is just starting they can call an exterminator and fix it before it becomes an expensive infestation.
  • Give your friends and family ProChem ProActive’s name, number and web address. Encourage your friends and family to read our blogs and learn the risks of bed bugs.  We also offer the best treatments available if you do end up with bed bugs.

At Your Office

  • High traffic areas are most susceptible to bed bugs, which may make your office a high risk area. Employees can bring bed bugs to work with them unknowingly and contaminate the whole office.  This is why we suggest you keep your personal items in a sealed bag or in a plastic tub in or under your desk.  This is especially important if bed bugs have been detected near you.
  • If you find bed bugs at work notify management immediately and encourage them to call ProChem ProActive.

After completing all of these precautionary steps you should have a much better chance of avoiding bed bugs this year….but remember, ANYONE can get bed bugs even the people that are most aware.  If you, your family, or your business has a bed bug problem please call ProChem ProActive right away.  We provide special heat treatments that kill bed bugs quickly and gets your life back.  Don’t waste your money with DIY treatments that don’t work!  Call in the professional pest eliminators today!

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Chemical vs. Heat Treatments

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Even the cleanest, most educated families can be subject to a bed bug infestation.  Bed bugs will infect any home, business, or public location, making them one of the easiest bugs to “pick up” in your everyday life.  Once you have bed bugs you are faced with tough decisions. Do I call an exterminator?  What kind of treatment should I choose?  Should I try one of the DIY chemical treatments I found online?  ProChem ProActive is here to help you make those difficult decisions and get your life back on track…Bed Bug FREE!

Many exterminators will offer the traditional chemical treatments to kill bed bugs, while this method can be effective in some cases, there are many drawbacks both to your health and the environment.  With heat you can kill bed bugs in as few as 8 hours, plus it’s safe, effective and keeps the environment clean; Which is why ProChem ProActive ALWAYS recommends a Heat Treatment for every bed bug problem.

Chemicals vs. Heat Treatments


  • Have been known to cause skin irritations, allergic reactions, breathing problems, and even nerve damage and cancer
  • Pest control chemicals have been linked to over 80 poisonings
  • Bed bugs have evolved to be 1000 times more resistant to traditional chemical treatments in the past 10 years
  • Chemicals contaminate the environment
  • Traditional chemical treatments are less effective against bed bugs, and won’t kill the eggs until they hatch, requiring many follow up treatments to end the problem

Heat Treatments

  • Bed bugs are extremely susceptible to heat above 120 degrees
  • Heat treatments don’t leave behind a chemical residue
  • The problem can often be solved in 1 treatment (follow up inspections are recommended to ensure the bugs are 100% gone!)
  • Heat kills all stages of the bed bug life cycle, even the eggs!

Want more info?  Call ProChem ProActive for more information about our Thermal Heat Treatments and other advanced bed bug services.  We can SOLVE your bed bug problem, just give us a call – 1 (866) 674-7779

Common Bugs Found In/Around Your Home or Business

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ProChem ProActive is on a mission to rid all homes and businesses in Nevada, Arizona and Oklahoma of any unwanted pests.  We offer a wide range of services to accommodate all of our customer’s needs.  One of the most important steps in a successful bug elimination treatment is identifying the problem correctly.  Sometimes it can be hard to know what type of bug you have, but, by using the information below you will be able to describe your problem more effectively and give our technicians the best information to help you get rid of those pests.

 Common Bugs to Oklahoma, Nevada, and Arizona

Ants:  (all areas)  Ants can be annoying and even destructive pest to have.  ProChem ProActive treats all types of ants, indoors or out.  We treat carpenter ants, fire ants, sugar ants, odorous house ants and more!

Bees:  (all areas)  We use environmentally friendly methods to rid homes and businesses of hives and nests.  Honey bees are very helpful to the environment and should be handled with care.  While Yellow Jackets and other wasps can be aggressive and should be eradicated before any unsuspecting person disturbs their nest.

Bed Bugs: (all areas)  Bed Bugs are one of the few year-round pests that effect all states in the US.  Bed Bug’s aren’t picky, and will inhabit any home or business.  ProChem ProActive specializes in heat treatments that kill bed bugs in as little as one 8hr treatment.

Roaches:  (all areas) ProChem ProActive treats all kinds of roaches using a combination of heat and pesticides.  We can solve your German cockroach (or any other type of roach) problem today!  And don’t forget our 100% satisfaction guarantee!  Learn more about out cockroach treatments by giving us a call at 1 (866) 674-7779

Scorpions:  (Most active in Nevada and Arizona)  Scorpions can be a dangerous problem for families and business owners.  Schedule routine pest sprays to keep scorpions and many other common household pests away all year.

What is this bug, and how do I get rid of it?  This is one of the most common questions we get on a daily basis.  With the hundreds of different bugs that are native to our area, it can be difficult to identify each and every one.  That’s why we have created this helpful guide to aid in figuring out what type of pest problem you may have.  By looking at this chart you can give our service technicians a clear description of the problem.  Download the print quality file here.

Are Bed Bugs stealing from your business?

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Bed Bugs can be an extremely expensive problem for any business.   Many people mistakenly think that hotels/motels are the only businesses at risk for a bed bug infestation.  This false thinking has caused many businesses and employees anxiety and lost profits.  In the past 10 years we have seen bed bug infestations in movie theaters, on public transportation, in hospitals, and of course in hotels and motels.  It only takes one person that has been exposed to bed bugs to spread an infestation to a new location.  That means that every office and business location is potentially at risk.  Luckily ProChem ProActive has the simple and effective solution to keep your business pest free!

In the story above, you can see how bed bugs have invaded an unsuspecting business and caused damage to their reputation.  Once people see a report like this, they are much less likely to want to visit that business for fear that they will bring bed bugs home with them.  Even a rumor of bed bugs can cause a drastic drop in business.  Business owners need to stay proactive against bed bugs and perform routine inspections multiple times per year to avoid any bed bug sightings.  The biggest mistake a business can make when dealing with a bed bug issue is not acting fast enough.  Even a single bed bug sighting should result in a full professional bed bug inspection.  If the proper treatment is applied quickly, the issue can be solved before your customers hear about it.

In addition to lost business and a ruined reputation, a bed bug infestation can also result in expensive lawsuits.  For more information, visit our “Bed Bugs in Court” article here…(Link).

Here are some simple steps for business owners to follow if bed bugs are sighted:

  1. Bed bugs need to be treated as soon as possible after being sighted. Call in the bed bug elimination specialists – ProChem ProActive.  Call us at 866-674-7779 and schedule a bed bug inspection.
  2. Follow all of the preparation instructions that your ProChem ProActive technician gives you. It is important to listen and follow all instructions to avoid spreading the problem.
  3. ProChem ProActive will perform a highly effective heat treatment to kill all of the bugs (even the eggs!)
  4. Schedule routine inspections throughout the year to avoid any other bed bug sightings

ProChem ProActive makes getting rid of bed bugs as easy as possible.  A bed bug sighting doesn’t HAVE to mean lost business.  Call today to learn how ProChem ProActive can help you keep bud bugs away all year round!

Bed Bug Awareness Week 2016 : OH NO! I have bed bugs!

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Bed bugs are striking fear into the hearts of people around the world.  Bed bugs are often found in homes, at hotels, on public transportation, in movie theaters and office buildings.  To celebrate Bed Bug Awareness Week, we have made a short list of what to look for and how to avoid bed bugs!

 What to look for and where:

Bed bugs are flat wingless insects that grow to about 0.2 inches as an adult.  When they are just nymphs their body is nearly transparent. but as they get older their body changes to a brownish or reddish color.

You can often find bed bugs in your mattress, especially around the seams and ribbing.  They are also seen in bedding and sheets, in the box springs, under the bed near the walls, inside drawers of near-by furniture, under carpets and pads, in curtains and even inside the walls and ceilings.  Once bed bugs have found a home in a room it is not uncommon for them to spread to near-by rooms through walls and flooring.  Bed bugs can be found in any plush furniture, any wood furniture, in potted plants and near windows, behind wall art and under rugs.

 How to avoid bed bugs:

If you don’t have bed bugs now, consider yourself lucky and take these simple steps to avoid getting them in the future.

  1.  Don’t take in used furniture without first cleaning and inspecting it.
  2. Always do a quick inspection of your room when staying at hotels and motels.
  3. Use hard luggage instead of soft duffle bags or backpacks.
  4. NEVER sit your luggage on the bed, always place it on a rack or on a tile floor.
  5. Always wash any clothes bought at thrift stores.  Use the hottest water and drying temperature for each item before placing them in your drawers.
  6. If you go somewhere that has bed bugs always remove any clothes and leave any bags or luggage in the garage or outside before entering your home.  Also, always alert management if bed bugs are found in a public place.

Bed bugs can effect anyone!  If you have bed bugs in your home or business call ProChem ProActive today.  Having bed bugs doesn’t mean you are dirty, unorganized or lack cleanliness.  Bed Bugs aren’t picky and will spread to anyone or anywhere.  Solve the problem quickly by calling in the experts and ask about K-9 Detection and Thermal Heat Treatments.  We can solve your bed bug problem in a little as 8 hours!

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ProChem ProActive is Expanding their Army Against Bed Bugs!

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ProChem ProActive is proud to announce its 3rd Bed Bug Mobile Command Unit!  From this truck, our specially trained technicians can perform advanced bed bug heat treatments using our revolutionary Thermal Eradication methods.  We can eliminate bed bugs from a single room or an entire structure in just a few hours.  This 3rd truck will allow us to continue the fight in keeping our city bed bug free.

There are 3 reasons we believe that our Bed Bug Mobile Command Units and Thermal Heat Treatments are the BEST way to kill bed bugs.  First, our bed bug heat systems kill bed bugs the first time!  Without the risk of leaving eggs or young bed bugs alive, we know that reoccurring infestations are a thing of the past!

The second reason is simple, killing bed bugs with heat is much safer than traditional chemical methods.  Our technicians are specially trained to administer safe and effective heat treatments.  Don’t put your family, friends and guests in harm’s way.  Traditional chemical treatments have been known to cause allergic reaction, skin irritations and asthma attacks.

The final reason we KNOW that our thermal treatments are the BEST way to kill bed bugs is how quickly we can complete an entire bed bug elimination.  In just 8 hours from start to finish we can kill all of the bugs and get your business back on track.  Don’t waste money on repeat treatments for the same issue!

Take advantage of our new Bed Bug Mobile Command Unit by scheduling a bed bug treatment today!  We offer free inspections and quotes for all new clients!  The only thing you have to loose is bed bugs! Call today at (866) 674-7779

The Bed Bug Experts

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In order to call yourself an expert in any field many hours of study and experience is required. Regardless of the work and dedication that it takes to be a true expert, many companies claim to be professional extermination experts without any of the experience and study required to actual use that title.  When hiring an exterminator it is important to research the company before trusting that they are true “bed bug experts”.

Here are a few tips to use when hiring an exterminator:

1.  Look for a licensed pest control company who specializes in bed bug elimination.  Many pest control companies focus on yearly chemical sprays for ants, cockroaches and spiders.  While almost all companies offer these standard treatments, some also “throw in” that they also treat bed bugs without doing the proper training to actually eradicate these pests.  Bed bugs can be difficult to eliminate for an untrained technician and improper extermination attempts can cause the infestation to move or spread to other places in the structure.

2.  Ask any potential exterminators about the tools that they plan to use to get rid of the bed bugs.  Heat treatments are one of the best and most accurate ways to eliminate a bed bug infestation.  If your exterminator isn’t trained in bed bug heat treatments, best to call someone who is!  Heat treatments can solve a bed bug problem in as little as 8 hours.  Don’t let an inexperienced company waste your time with other treatment techniques that will take multiple treatments and maybe even months to complete the eradication.  Every exterminator should supply you with a clear and concise “plan-of-action” that they will use when treating your home or business.

3.  Make sure that the company you are hiring is actually going to do the work.  Many companies will sub-contract the bed bug work out to someone else.  Make sure you are actually speaking with the person that will be responsible for the treatment!

4.  Hiring a company that offers K-9 detection is also another great tool to use when treating bed bugs.  A K-9 can find bed bugs hidden where even the best human technician can’t see.  Make sure that the handers and K-9s are regularly trained and experienced.  It requires a specially trained dog and handler to perform a successful search.  If you can, find out what the K-9 units success rate is to help you decide.  The best teams can be up to 97% accurate.

5. And finally pick a company that you trust and that will work with you until the problem is solved.  The worst thing, after getting bed bugs in the first place, would be for a company to come in and treat your property and then disappear.  If the problem isn’t solved with the first treatment, any professional company should be willing to do a follow up treatment to ensure your satisfaction.  EVERY professional bed bug exterminator will also advise a follow up inspection to make sure there isn’t any underlying bugs waiting to start another infestation.

When hiring a pest exterminator it is important to do your research.   Prochem ProActive has over 12 years of experience in bed bug elimination. We use state-of-the-art equipment from to ensure that all of our heat treatments are the BEST they can be.  We offer a 100% guaranteed pest elimination meaning that we will work with you until ALL of the pests are gone and you are satisfied with your service.  If for any reason you weren’t happy with the initial service we will return and do everything we can to make sure that you are happy and the bugs are gone.  ProChem ProActive is licensed to provide heat treatments and can usually solve a bed bug issue with 1 treatment. The Prochem Proactive K-9 detection unit is also one of the best K-9 units in the area.  Our dogs perform regular training and re-fresher courses to ensure they are at their BEST for every inspection.  For our multi-housing and Hospitality customers – Our K-9 Unit can search up to 100-200 rooms per day: which saves you time and money!


Don’t be fooled by the competition!  ProChem ProActive has the BEST bed bug ELIMINATORS around!  We will eliminate the pests, not control them!  Call us today for more information and to schedule an inspection.

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Bed Bugs In Court

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Bed bugs have found their way into our homes, businesses and now the courts.  Bed bug lawsuits are constantly being brought against negligent business owners and property managers.  And the settlements are HUGE!  Bed bugs are costing businesses thousands of dollars in failed extermination attempts as well as devastating lawsuits.  Not to mention the effect that a bed bug lawsuit has on a business’s reputation.  Who wants to stay at a place where bed bugs are known to live??

 Who is at risk?

Business Owners:  If you own a hotel or motel, chances are you have had at least one run in with bed bugs.  Because of the high traffic volume in the hospitality industry it makes these locations extremely susceptible to bed bugs.  In the early 2000’s two siblings sued a Motel 6 that was infested with bed bugs.  Each of the siblings was awarded $191,000 in damages after staying in a room where bed bugs were found crawling on the walls and in the bed.  If you are waiting for a guest to report a bug problem,  then you are already at risk for a lawsuit.  Hotels and motels should have a PROACTIVE bed bug detection and treatment plan in place.  Monthly inspections and quick/effective treatments are key to keeping the bugs away.  If a guest can prove that you knew about a bug problem before you rented them a room, or that the proper documentation or treatments weren’t applied, you could be found guilty of negligence.  Hire a great exterminator, like ProChem ProActive, and get rid of the bugs before your guests find them!

The Multi-Housing Industry: Similar to hotels/motels, apartment buildings can get quite a bit of traffic as well.  A single tenant could contract bed bugs and spread the infestation to the entire building.  Bed bugs travel by hitch hiking on people, baggage, in furniture, as well as moving from room to room through the walls, floors and ceilings.  Set up proper notification methods and procedures for tenants to use if bed bugs are suspected and follow up on any concerns right away.  Don’t assume if you or a tenant keeps the structure clean enough that you will somehow be immune to the bed bugs.  Bed bugs can live anywhere! While clutter creates an ideal living situation, a clean home can have just as many bugs.

Lawsuits resulting from lazy business owners can result in enormous settlements.  In some cases tenants have been awarded up to $850,000 in damages.  The jury in one case only took 2 hours to award an elderly woman $850,000. Which was twice the amount she was seeking.  She proved that her landlord ignored the bed bug problem that he knew resided in the 69 year old tenant’s home.  This shows that the legal system has no tolerance for negligent property managers! If bed bugs are found in a unit, DON’T WAIT!  Call ProChem ProActive to come out and do a professional inspection of all of the surrounding rooms.  Our K-9 Unit can tell us with 98% accuracy if bed bugs are present.  We can solve the problem BEFORE it spreads any further.

Tenants:  If you are renting an apartment or home find out what your property management company uses for bed bug detection and notification.  If you find bed bugs in your home, it is important to report the problem right away.  Complying with all procedures and regulations will not only protect you from the bugs, it also ensures that you cannot be accused of neglecting the problem.  A recent case in New York showed how a negligent tenant can also result in a messy lawsuit. A man was sued by his landlord for refusing to allow an exterminator to treat his New York Apartment for bed bugs that were known to live there.  Other tenants in the building reported the issue and even threatened to move out due to the extreme problem.  The company that owns the building is seeking $300,00 in damages both to the physical building as well as the threat of lost business. If you find bed bugs in your apartment don’t be like this NY resident, report the problem and allow the pest professionals to do their job.


Over half the states in the country have passed bed bug statues and legislation to protect citizens against bed bugs.  Many of these laws state that landlords cannot knowingly rent a bed bug infested room to any guest.  Wise business owners are turning to the professionals to help keep their lawsuit risk down with PROACTIVE bed bug treatments and inspections.  ProChem ProActive can help you avoid lawsuits and claims by providing the highest quality bed bug heat treatments that work the first time.  We guarantee 100% pest elimination for all of our extermination treatments.  If you are worried about bed bugs, call us today!  We will work with you until the problem is solved and your business is back on track.  Many problems can be solved in just one heat treatment ( that’s just 6-8 hours!!!).  Don’t wait, Call us today! Call Us: 1 (866) 674-7779

Bed Bugs: The Next “Super Bug”

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Small itchy red bumps are often one of the first signs of the presence of bed bugs.  Once detected,  concerned home owners and business managers often turn to pesticides, excessive cleaning, and de-cluttering to rid themselves of these unwanted pests.  While these methods can reduce the number of bed bugs, many people are dismayed when the bed bug population isn’t easily eradicated. Scientists have been studying the reasons that bed bugs are so difficult to kill for years. Studies have found the bed bugs are becoming more resilient to the commonly used pesticides.

 Researchers from Virginia Tech studied bed bugs in Michigan and Cincinnati, which have been exposed to neonics regularly, revealing that they are 33,000 times more resistant to insecticides when compared with bugs that have never been exposed to these chemicals.  This new data seems to prove that bed bugs are becoming “super bugs” and can thrive even in dangerous chemical environments.

History has shown that bed bugs can and will evolve in order to survive.  In the 1940-1950’s the use of DDT was widely used to kill bed bugs.  DDT almost exterminated the entire bed bug population until the bugs started to become resistant and began to thrive once again.  Since then people around the world have been trying different chemical cocktails to kill bed bugs once-and-for-all. The Virginia Tech  researchers found that bed bug have reacted similarly to many of the chemicals used in our everyday extermination efforts.  In the VT study, the bed bugs from Michigan were 462 times for resistant to imadacloprid, 192 times more to dinotefuran, 546 times more to thiamethoxam and 33,333 times more resitant to acetamiprid. [1]  This is a scary fact for many exterminators as they realize that the widely used and well know bed bug solutions are quickly becoming ineffective.

So, what do we do now?  How can we control the bed bug population?  The answer is actually quite simple: bed bugs hate heat!  Professional pest eliminators like ProChem ProActive are at the forefront of a safe, effective, and proven way of eliminating bugs without the use of any chemicals.  Thermal Pest Eradication, offered by specially trained technicians, is a simple process with dramatic results.  After heating the structure to 140-150 degrees and holding the temperature for a set amount of time (usually 6-8 hours) all bed bugs in the walls, floors, and furniture are killed.  Even the tiny eggs and nymphs are eradicated without the use of dangerous and ineffective chemicals. For more information about the heat treatments offered at ProChem ProActive, call us at 1 (866) 674-7779.  Learn how heat can SOLVE your bed bug problem!




Bed Bugs in the News

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Bed bugs are popping up in the news more and more frequently in lawsuits and tragic stories of injury and property loss.  Bed bugs can now be found in every country around the world, and every state of the US.  This makes having a proactive pest control plan even more important!  We have compiled some recent bed bug related articles published around the country.

In December (2015), according to an article written for FOX 31 Denver, a family paid a company $2,000 to rid their home of bed bugs, just to be left with an infestation problem over 3 months later.  The extermination company claiming to specialize in bed bug control appears to be shut down.  The bed bug problem was so bad that a few hours spent sitting in the family home would result in at least 5-6 bed bug bites.  [1] This story is proof that hiring a GREAT pest eliminator is important.  When hiring an exterminator, make sure you go with an experienced and well rated company like Prochem Proactive.  We have over 12 years of experience and great customer ratings with all of our treatment options.

Bed Bug related lawsuits are constantly popping up in the news as well.  HUGE settlements are being awarded every day.  One woman was awarded $100,000 in her lawsuit again a Red Roof Inn near Washington, DC.  In the lawsuit the woman claimed that the motel had found bed bugs in guest’s rooms previously but did not check that the room was bed bug free before they rented it to her.  Amazingly the woman was awarded the $100,000 for the bites and distress that the one night stay at this hotel caused. [2]  Business owners should have  bed bug inspections scheduled regularly throughout the year to avoid  these type of negligent claims.  Prochem Proactive offers regular inspections and treatments plans to keep your business bed bug free.  Don’t let bed bugs steal your profits!

Over Labor Day weekend (2015) a viral photo of bed bugs on a public bus was making its rounds on Instagram.  The photo, pictured on the left, was shared over 10,000 times via Instagram and other social media platforms. Live bed bugs were found living on/in the seats of the bus.  While the transportation company insists that they perform regular cleaning of their busses, negative press like this was catastrophic to business.  In some reports of the incident, it was said that people were running off of the bus after being alerted of the bed bugs.[3]  The damaged reputation of this bus company will take months, maybe even years, to repair.  Keep a good reputation at your business by treating bed bug problems BEFORE your customers notice any bugs.  K-9 detection dogs can perform an extremely accurate search of your business to make sure that there are no bugs found at your location.  If the Prochem Proactive K-9’s do find any bugs, we can set up a treatment plan that will work for you, while remaining discreet and keeping your business as operational as possible.

Understanding how a bed bug sighting can affect your business is the first step to keeping your business bed bug free.  Having a proactive bed bug detection and elimination plan is essential to every business.  Bed bugs have been found in schools, at movie theaters, in hospitals, at hotels/motels, in airplanes and other public transportation, and apartments/condos just to name a few.  Bed bugs can move easily from person to person via their clothing or personal items, which means that every business is at risk.  Keep your business safe from bed bugs with the Prochem Proactive ThermalPestEradication and K-9 Detection services.  Contact us today to schedule an inspection and start your treatment plan.

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