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Busting Bed Bug Myths

Posted on: April 1, 2018 by in Pest Elimination
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In the world of pest control there are a lot of myths and old wives-tales that can be misleading or completely false.  This leads to many failed DIY extermination attempts and un-necessary fear.  ProChem ProActive is here to put an end to those pest control myths….starting with bed bugs.

Here are some of the most well-known Bed Bug myths and if they are true or not:

Myth: You can’t see bed bugs

Reality: You can see all bed bugs, even the babies and nymphs with the naked eye.  However, for the most accurate inspection possible you should use magnification devices and K-9 detection.


Myth: Bed Bug only infest dirty people

Reality: Bed bug can affect anyone, even the cleanest locations.  While clutter does give them more places to hide, it is not a requirement for their survival.


Myth: Bed Bugs only come out at night

Reality: While bed bugs prefer darkness, keeping a light on will not keep them from biting you.


Myth: Pesticides will easily solve a bed bug problem

Reality: Pesticides often take multiple applications, months or treatments, and often result in failed attempts when used alone.  The best way to kill bed bugs is with heat.  Chemical applications are sometimes used as a compliment to the heat treatments in more extreme cases or as an extra precaution.  Heat treatments are known to kill bed bugs with just one application and have been proven to be ultra-effective at completely ENDING a bed bug issue.


Myth: The only place to get bed bugs is at a nasty hotel

Reality: You can pick up bed bugs nearly anywhere.  Public locations of all kinds have had bed bug issues.  Common places to find bed bugs are in movie theaters, libraries, apartments and motels, airports and public transportation.


Myth: Any exterminator can kill bed bugs

Reality: While many exterminator list bed bugs on their website as a service they offer, verey few actually have the necessary experience and training to perform effective treatments.  If you have a bed bug problem be sure to research your pest professional carefully.  Find out how many bed bug treatments they complete every year.  Make sure they have positive reviews online and ask your friends if they recommend anyone.  Finally, always ask if they offer heat treatments and k-9 follow-ups.  These treatment and detection methods are the BEST in killing bed bugs.


If you have a bed bug problem, or any other pest related issue give ProChem ProActive a call.  We can solve any pest problem!


Bed Bug Awareness Week 2016 : OH NO! I have bed bugs!

Posted on: June 6, 2016 by in Pest Elimination
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Bed bugs are striking fear into the hearts of people around the world.  Bed bugs are often found in homes, at hotels, on public transportation, in movie theaters and office buildings.  To celebrate Bed Bug Awareness Week, we have made a short list of what to look for and how to avoid bed bugs!

 What to look for and where:

Bed bugs are flat wingless insects that grow to about 0.2 inches as an adult.  When they are just nymphs their body is nearly transparent. but as they get older their body changes to a brownish or reddish color.

You can often find bed bugs in your mattress, especially around the seams and ribbing.  They are also seen in bedding and sheets, in the box springs, under the bed near the walls, inside drawers of near-by furniture, under carpets and pads, in curtains and even inside the walls and ceilings.  Once bed bugs have found a home in a room it is not uncommon for them to spread to near-by rooms through walls and flooring.  Bed bugs can be found in any plush furniture, any wood furniture, in potted plants and near windows, behind wall art and under rugs.

 How to avoid bed bugs:

If you don’t have bed bugs now, consider yourself lucky and take these simple steps to avoid getting them in the future.

  1.  Don’t take in used furniture without first cleaning and inspecting it.
  2. Always do a quick inspection of your room when staying at hotels and motels.
  3. Use hard luggage instead of soft duffle bags or backpacks.
  4. NEVER sit your luggage on the bed, always place it on a rack or on a tile floor.
  5. Always wash any clothes bought at thrift stores.  Use the hottest water and drying temperature for each item before placing them in your drawers.
  6. If you go somewhere that has bed bugs always remove any clothes and leave any bags or luggage in the garage or outside before entering your home.  Also, always alert management if bed bugs are found in a public place.

Bed bugs can effect anyone!  If you have bed bugs in your home or business call ProChem ProActive today.  Having bed bugs doesn’t mean you are dirty, unorganized or lack cleanliness.  Bed Bugs aren’t picky and will spread to anyone or anywhere.  Solve the problem quickly by calling in the experts and ask about K-9 Detection and Thermal Heat Treatments.  We can solve your bed bug problem in a little as 8 hours!

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The Benefits of K-9 Bed Bug Detection

Posted on: January 12, 2016 by in Pest Elimination
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It’s no secret that dogs have been used for their extreme sense of smell for centuries.  Some of the most well know jobs for K-9 sniffers include search and rescue, police drug detection, and explosives (bomb) detection, but what you may not know is that dogs are extremely effective at sniffing out bed bugs.  The best extermination companies will offer K-9 detection services to customers that are concerned about bed bugs.  Prochem Proactive has some of the best K-9’s and handlers in the business.


The first step in finding a bed detection dog starts before they are even entered into our training program.  We screen 100’s of dogs before we find the perfect animal that has the natural ability, drive and physical soundness necessary to ensure a long career.  The dogs selected have a strong “ball drive” and LOVE the training.  Usually the dogs we select are Labrador Retrievers, Labrador Retriever mix breads, Plot Hounds, Beagles, and German short haired breeds.  Once the dog has been selected they start the training process where they learn to smell bugs hidden inside furniture, bedding and in the carpets or walls.  The Prochem Proactive dogs go through an extensive training refresher program every year as well.  In addition to their yearly training ther also perform daily drills with their handlers.


 Accuracy & Speed

Dogs have approximately 220 million smell-sensitive cells and scientists say that they can smell nearly 100 million times better than humans.  This “super nose” means that well trained bed bug detection dogs are 95-97% accurate.  That is significantly better than a human technician at 30% accurate. They are also significantly faster than their human counter parts.  A well trained dog can search a room in less than 3 minutes, a job that can take a human inspector 15-60 minutes.

Why We Offer K-9 Detection

There are so many advantages to K-9 Detection that it makes them hard to beat in the field.  From the speed and accuracy proven by many years of use and training to the financial advantage, it just makes sense to choose K-9 Detection. With our dogs, customers can be sure that no live bed bugs are left behind after a treatment.  Bed bug detection dogs can smell even the smallest bed bug, or their eggs, with nearly perfect precision. These tiny eggs and bed bug nymphs can be nearly impossible to find during a  visual inspection.  Also, certified bed bug dogs are recognized in a court of law as a scientific instrument.  Having a K-9 inspection will positively effect your case and reputation in any lawsuit.  Finally, the financial advantage to having K-9’s is simple.  By catching the bed bugs before they get out of hand, any treatment we perform is much more likely to be successful and only require 1 application.  We can be sure exactly were the bugs are and not waste time and money treating areas that don’t need it.  This is especially important for the multi housing industry and Hotels/motels.  Instead of treating every room, we know the rooms with problems and can focus our energies in getting rid of those bugs.



Prochem Proactive offers some of the most well trained and accurate bed bug detection dogs in the business.  We are diligent to ensure that our dogs stay current with all training and make sure that they LOVE THEIR JOB!  The handlers are specially trained for each specific dog and can easily read the dogs signals.  Call Prochem Proactive to schedule a K-9 inspection.  For more information visit our K-9 page at


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