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Winter Rodent Tips

Posted on: December 1, 2018 by in Uncategorized
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The winter months can be a rodent “prime time” for moving into new spaces.  Due to the cooler weather, rodents are actively looking for new places to stay warm, nest and feed.  Rodents moving into your home or business can not only be un-nerving, but it can also cause expensive damages and dangerous hazards.

The Dangers of a Rodent Problem:

  • Electrical damages caused my chewing rodents can cause fires
  • Rodents can spread diseases and parasites
  • Rodent attack and/or bites


It is essential to treat any pest or rodent problem quickly and efficiently before it can spread to a bigger issue and cause some of the dangerous after-effects listed above.  With the help of ProChem ProActive and the list of DIY tips, you can keep your home or business rodent free all year long.


Top 6 Tips to Keep Rodents Away:


  1. Block All Points of Entry – One of the most effective preventative measures to keep rodents away is to block their point of entry into the structure.  Carefully inspects the foundation of the building for cracks, holes, missing or damaged seals, ripped screens and storm/water damage.  Even the smallest crack would be the perfect entry area for mice and rats. Additionally, you should never leave the doors or windows to your home open without a screen.  This also includes basement windows as well as patio and balcony doors.
  2. Remove the Food Source – Bird feeders, pet food, and fruit trees are the perfect “open buffet” for rodents. Don’t leave your pet’s food sitting out.  Always remove any fallen fruit from fruit trees, and move bird feeders at least 50 feet from your home, or better yet eradicate them.
  3. Seal Your Garbage – Garbage can be the perfect food and nesting source for rodents. Seal up your trash to avoid attracting unwanted
  4. Clean Up the Yard – Dense foliage can allow rodents to live freely on your property. You should especially trim any plants that are near or touching your home, as they can shelter rodents just long enough to search the foundation for cracks and holes.
  5. Be Tidy – crumbs, spilled food and drinks, as well as open food containers inside your home, are the perfect food source for hungry rodents.  Sweep the floors regularly, clean up spills right away and keep your dried ingredients in plastic, air-tight containers at all times.
  6. Get a Cat or Dog – it is often seen that homes were pets reside have less rodent activity. Just remember not to leave your pets un-eaten food out for rodents to find.

These tips should help keep your home rodent free all year long, however, if you already have a rodent problem it could be hard to solve it on your own.  That’s where the experts at ProChem ProActive come in!  We can perform regular treatments to reduce and eventually eliminate the rodent population!  Call us today to schedule your inspecti