Technician Spotlight – April

Posted on: April 7, 2017 by in Tech Spotlight
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In order to provide the extraordinary service at ProChem ProActive we rely on our specially trained technicians to perform accurate and effective inspections and treatments.  This month for our Technician Spotlight we would like to feature Shane B. Kincaid.  Shane works hard everyday to provide the best quality pest elimination treatments available!

Name: Shane B. Kincaid

Title: Service professional

Favorite part of the job: Interacting and assisting my community by bettering their daily lives with the eradication of unwanted and potentially hazardous pest situations. The interaction and appreciation I receive once their pest problem is solved is what makes every day in this profession a rewarding one.

Most challenging part of the job: Continually trying to find new ways to improve the service we provide our customers when already providing a service that second to none.

 What 3 words describe ProChem ProActive: Knowledge, experience, success

Professional advice for future customers: Don’t settle for just Pest Control when you can rest assured with guaranteed pest elimination.

 Your proudest moment at ProChem ProActive: Making my first sale.

More About Shane:

Favorite movie line: I’ll be your Huckleberry.

Best vacation: A cruise to the Caribbean.

Favorite time off activates: Hiking, fishing, shooting, take our company dog for long walks and throw the ball with him, go to my cabin.

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite sport: Football

Tell us something about you or your family that would surprise us: I was 5’10” when I was 10 years old

Hidden talents: I do but I can’t share them and still have them remain hidden. 😉


ProChem ProActive is proud to offer the highest quality pest elimination treatments available!  If you would like a free bed bug inspection and quote please call ProChem ProActive at (866) 674-7779.  We currently service the entire state of Nevada, and parts of Arizona and Oklahoma!