Technician Spotlight -May

Posted on: May 16, 2017 by in Tech Spotlight
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ProChem ProActives K-9 team provides some of the most accurate bed bug detection services available in the Las Vegas area.  Without our team of specially trained K-9’s and their trainers these revolutionary inspections wouldn’t be possible.  Diego Rodriguez is one of the handlers that trains and conducts inspections with our K-9 unit.  All the K-9 team handers work hard everyday to make sure the dogs are at the top of their game and ready to be called to the field at any time.  This month we catch up with Diego to learn a bit more about him and his job at ProChem ProActive.

Name: Diego Rodriguez

Title: K9 Team Manager

Office Location: Vegas, Baby!

Years At ProChem ProActive?: Seven years

Favorite part of the job: 4 legged, furry, co-workers. Sorry, 2 legged co-workers.

Most challenging part of the job: Often having to be the last one to arrive to a situation and be the last resort to resolve an issue that is difficult.

 What 3 words describe ProChem ProActive: Unconventional, unique & innovative

 Professional advice for future customers: ProChem wants to educate people as well as exterminate bugs.

 Your Proudest Moment At ProChem ProActive: Becoming nationally certified as K9 Teams.

More About Diego:

Favorite movie line: The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem. – Captain Jack Sparrow

Best vacation: Every year Lake Powell in Arizona

Favorite time off activates: Schutzhund, A German Dog Protection, Tracking and Obedience Sport

Favorite food: $2 Steak

Favorite sport: Football

Tell us something about you or your family that would surprise us: My family has 9 people in it

Hidden talents: I can fall asleep within seconds when I choose to.

ProChem ProActive is proud to offer the highest quality pest elimination treatments available!  With the help of excellent team members like Diego, we strive for a bug free Las Vegas!  If you have a bed bug problem you might just get to meet Diego and see him and his K-9 pals in action.  If you would like a free bed bug inspection and quote please call ProChem ProActive at 1 (866) 674-7779.  We currently service the entire state of Nevada, parts of Arizona and Oklahoma!