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Posted on: May 1, 2016 by in Pest Elimination
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In order to call yourself an expert in any field many hours of study and experience is required. Regardless of the work and dedication that it takes to be a true expert, many companies claim to be professional extermination experts without any of the experience and study required to actual use that title.  When hiring an exterminator it is important to research the company before trusting that they are true “bed bug experts”.

Here are a few tips to use when hiring an exterminator:

1.  Look for a licensed pest control company who specializes in bed bug elimination.  Many pest control companies focus on yearly chemical sprays for ants, cockroaches and spiders.  While almost all companies offer these standard treatments, some also “throw in” that they also treat bed bugs without doing the proper training to actually eradicate these pests.  Bed bugs can be difficult to eliminate for an untrained technician and improper extermination attempts can cause the infestation to move or spread to other places in the structure.

2.  Ask any potential exterminators about the tools that they plan to use to get rid of the bed bugs.  Heat treatments are one of the best and most accurate ways to eliminate a bed bug infestation.  If your exterminator isn’t trained in bed bug heat treatments, best to call someone who is!  Heat treatments can solve a bed bug problem in as little as 8 hours.  Don’t let an inexperienced company waste your time with other treatment techniques that will take multiple treatments and maybe even months to complete the eradication.  Every exterminator should supply you with a clear and concise “plan-of-action” that they will use when treating your home or business.

3.  Make sure that the company you are hiring is actually going to do the work.  Many companies will sub-contract the bed bug work out to someone else.  Make sure you are actually speaking with the person that will be responsible for the treatment!

4.  Hiring a company that offers K-9 detection is also another great tool to use when treating bed bugs.  A K-9 can find bed bugs hidden where even the best human technician can’t see.  Make sure that the handers and K-9s are regularly trained and experienced.  It requires a specially trained dog and handler to perform a successful search.  If you can, find out what the K-9 units success rate is to help you decide.  The best teams can be up to 97% accurate.

5. And finally pick a company that you trust and that will work with you until the problem is solved.  The worst thing, after getting bed bugs in the first place, would be for a company to come in and treat your property and then disappear.  If the problem isn’t solved with the first treatment, any professional company should be willing to do a follow up treatment to ensure your satisfaction.  EVERY professional bed bug exterminator will also advise a follow up inspection to make sure there isn’t any underlying bugs waiting to start another infestation.

When hiring a pest exterminator it is important to do your research.   Prochem ProActive has over 12 years of experience in bed bug elimination. We use state-of-the-art equipment from to ensure that all of our heat treatments are the BEST they can be.  We offer a 100% guaranteed pest elimination meaning that we will work with you until ALL of the pests are gone and you are satisfied with your service.  If for any reason you weren’t happy with the initial service we will return and do everything we can to make sure that you are happy and the bugs are gone.  ProChem ProActive is licensed to provide heat treatments and can usually solve a bed bug issue with 1 treatment. The Prochem Proactive K-9 detection unit is also one of the best K-9 units in the area.  Our dogs perform regular training and re-fresher courses to ensure they are at their BEST for every inspection.  For our multi-housing and Hospitality customers – Our K-9 Unit can search up to 100-200 rooms per day: which saves you time and money!


Don’t be fooled by the competition!  ProChem ProActive has the BEST bed bug ELIMINATORS around!  We will eliminate the pests, not control them!  Call us today for more information and to schedule an inspection.

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