The Down and Dirty Guide to Silverfish

Posted on: November 1, 2018 by in Pest Elimination
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One of the most common questions we get when it comes to silverfish is; Are they dangerous, will they bite?  Because of their scaly, spiny appearance many people assume they are harmful.  While most people are freaked out when they come across a silverfish, usually at night or in dark places, they are not known to bite and there is no evidence to show that they are poisonous.  They cannot carry diseases either, so for the most part they are harmless to human.  They can be destructive though, and some people may be allergic to the dust they create when they “molt”.  Silverfish shed their skin several times as they grown into adulthood.  If an infestation is present, these skins can pile up and cause allergic reactions for some people.  Silverfish can be destructive to your belongings too.  These insects like sugars, carbs and fibrous items like paper, books, cardboard, wallpaper and even insulation.  These pests have also been known to show down on clothing and human hair.  So how to you prevent these pests from moving into your home and damaging your belongings?  ProChem ProActive can help!


You don’t have to sit back and let silverfish ruin your belongings.  Here are a few tips to keep silverfish out of your home.

  • Limit their food sources by keeping food (and your pet’s food) in airtight containers.
  • Vacuum and sweep floors often to remove crumbs
  • Use dehumidifiers in damp area to remove the moist environments that silverfish thrive in
  • Keep your gutters clean and ensure that water drains away from your home
  • Make sure your home is sealed well


Silverfish can be tough to treat on your own.  Especially in older homes, homes with basements or unfinished areas, and homes with larger than normal amounts of clutter or landscaping overgrowth.  Because of the struggles that many people have when trying to kill silverfish, it is recommended that you call in the pros at ProChem ProActive.  Our trained professionals will better be able to help you identify the bugs, where your problem areas are and treat any problems that are found.


Don’t let bugs take over your home or business.  ProChem ProActive offers a variety of services to keep your home or business bug free 365 days of the year!