The Top 5 Bed Bug Mistakes

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If you’ve ever had bed bugs you know how important it is to act quickly and solve the problem with as few treatments as possible.  Due to the lack of public awareness, many people make big mistakes when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs.  These mistakes can make your bed bug problem worse, cause the infestation to spread throughout your home, or even make professional treatments impossible. 

Here are the top 5 bed bug mistakes you’ll want to avoid making:

1.     Keeping the infestation a secret

If you get bed bugs, it’s important to remember that the bugs aren’t picky and can be picked up by anyone.  Hiding the problem from your family and friends could cause the issue to spread to them.  Hiding a bed bug infestation from your landlord could result in fines, becoming financially responsible for additional treatments and even eviction.  Don’t be ashamed of bed bugs and work with professionals to solve the problem quickly.

2.     Self-treatment using bug bombs, sprays or any off-the-shelf contact killers

Using this treatment option may seem like the “easy” and “affordable” way out of a bed bug problem, they often result in much bigger issues.  Bug bombs and sprays drive bed bugs deeper into hiding or cause them to spread out in search of a more habitable area.  This can make future treatments more difficult and expensive.  Some treatments can even make future professional treatments impossible, especially dust treatments which can harm technicians and k-9 teams, plus will need to be completely cleaned up before a heat treatment can be applied.

3.     Improper removal of infested items

Moving bed bug infested items must be done carefully.  You must wrap the items in sealed plastic and label the items as infested.  If done improperly, moving items from your home could spread the bugs to other unsuspecting people’s homes.  Also, by dragging the furniture through your home you could be spreading the bugs to areas that they hadn’t found yet.

4.    Not checking your hotel rooms

It doesn’t matter if you’re staying at a 5-star resort or a tiny bed & breakfast.  EVERY hospitality location has or will have in its lifetime, a bed bug sighting.  With the high turn-over of people and many of those people coming from airports and other public transportation where bed bugs often spread, it’s just a matter of time before bed bugs find their way into a hotel room.  The key to the hospitality industry is to identify the problem before the guests do, but that doesn’t always happen.  It’s important that you check your room before moving your belongings in.  Check the bed and surrounding furniture.  You shouldn’t see live bugs, dead skin castings, tiny black dots (fecal spots) or blood smears ion the bedding or mattress.  These are all signs of bed bugs and should be taken directly to management. 

5.     Hiring an inexperienced pest “professional”

Hiring the right pro for the job is essential with any project.  Whether you need a plumber, gardener or a pest control technician, you should always research your options and choose the most experienced pro for the job.  Make sure you hire a professional like ProChem ProActive to kill bed bugs for you.  ProChem ProActive offers heat treatments, k-9 inspections, and follow up treatments as necessary.  With this wide range of services, all of your bed bugs needs can be solved quickly and effectively.  Inexperienced exterminators may require 3,4 or even 5 treatments to kill all the bugs.  While bed bug experts like ProChem ProActive can often resolve your bed bug issues in just one treatment! 

Treating bed bugs can be difficult, and there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding DIY treatments.  Luckily ProChem ProActive is here to help!  Give ProChem ProActive a call today and find out how we can help you get rid of bed bugs, and keep them away for good.  ProChem ProActive treats residential and commercial properties.