What bed bug killing methods ACTUALLY WORK?

Posted on: September 1, 2018 by in Pest Elimination
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There are 100’s of myths and old wives tales out there on ways to get rid of bed bugs.  Most of these methods are very ineffective, but some could even be dangerous.  Below you will find a list of bed bug killing methods and how the Prochem proactive experts rank them in terms of effectiveness, ease, safety, and speed.

Pesticide Treatments

This is a traditional bed bug killing method that started out being very effective, but with changing environmental laws and bed bugs new chemical resistances, this method has decreased in effectiveness over the last 10 years.  Chemical treatments are used as a “back up” or “complimentary” treatment and is effective when combined with a heat treatment

Effectiveness: 3 = Somewhat effective

Ease: 3 = Somewhat easy

Speed: 1 = When used alone this method can take months and multiple applications to solve a bed bug issue.

Safety: 3 = When applied by a professional this method is fairly safe. If DIY applications are attempted then this rating could decrease dramatically.


Boiling Water/Alcohol

This myth commonly travels in low income areas and in dorm/school settings.  People without the means to pay for a professional treatment will often try anything to kill the bugs that bite them in their sleep.  This method is however very ineffective and can damage your belongings and the structure of your home. The professionals at ProChem ProActive do NOT recommend this method.

This treatment is applied by pouring boiling water or rubbing alcohol on all areas w,here bed bugs have been spotted.

Effectiveness: 1 = not effective at all

Ease: 4 = Very easy, but can be very damaging and ineffective

Speed: 1 = May never solve a bed bug issue.

Safety: 2 = Burns and damages are common with this mothod.


Diatomaceous Earth

This is another DIY method that was commonly used in the past.  Diatomaceous, which it seems and is advertised as harmless to humans and pets, it contains microscopic particles that will harm the lungs of any human or animal the breaths in the dust.  For this reason, it is not recommended to anyone that plans to have a professional inspection or treatment in the future.  Many pest professionals will refuse to treat any area that diatomaceous has been applied.

Effectiveness: 3 = Somewhat effective, the bugs must individually walk through the powder multiple times for it to kill them, so the effectiveness is determined by how large the infestation and how spread out it is.  This method COULD spread the bed bugs to other rooms resulting in a larger area that needs treated.

Ease: 4 = Easy to apply

Speed: 1 = When used alone this method can take months and multiple applications to solve a bed bug issue.

Safety: 2 = DO NOT breath in the dust.  Heath issues could follow the use of Diatomaceous Earth.



Heat treatments are the NEW and REVOLUTIONARY way to kill bed bugs.  Heat has become an increasingly popular treatment method in the past 10 years.  Professionals like ProChem ProActive often reach for their heaters whenever they get a bed bug call due to the speed, effectiveness and accuracy.  Heat is by far the BEST way to kill bed bugs.

Ways to safely use heat:

  1. A professional heat treatment done by a professional
  2. Use your dryer – for small items and spot treatments you can use your dryer on the highest setting.


Effectiveness: 5 = When applied correctly this method is VERY effective!

Ease: 5 = Heat can be applied and the bed bugs killed in just 24 hours!  The pros take care of the entire process!

Speed: 5 = In just 24 hours you could be bed bug free!  That makes this treatment the BEST solution for a fast treatment!

Safety: 5 = When applied by a professional, this method is very safe for your home and the contents.  It is also eco friends and safe for those with chemical sensitivities and breathing difficulties.  No chemicals are used and the heaters that are used always circulate clean dray air in the treatment areas.